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Anbernic RG353V Should Be Available This Month

Anbernic RG353V  It looks like the Anbernic RG353V will likely come out this month (September) followed by the RG505 in October and the Anbernic Mini at some unknown point after that.  Anbernic RG505  The 353V appears to be narrower than the RG351V but with two thumb-sticks which seems somewhat off-putting to me. Under the hood,  the 353V should have equivalent performance of the 353P which should be great performance up to DS level and good performance up to PSP. It will also be able to handle some PS2 Emulation.  All in all, it looks like it could be a decent buy for some people. Personally,  I'm passing on this device. Combined with being the 3rd Anbernic device with the same SoC (503,353P,353V) and uncomfortable looking thumb-stick placement, I have no real interest for this one. I would have really liked a RG351V upgrade (Same width device) with just one thumb-stick or two offset sticks. Making the device narrower with added controls seems like a bad decision.  Of the three up

Retro Game Handhelds Need More DIY Upgrade Options

 Moorechip surprised everyone back when the Retroid Pocket 2 PCB Upgrade kit option occurred during the Retroid Pocket 2 Plus launch. It was an excellent idea that allowed original RP2 owners to Upgrade their device without buying a new handheld.  Unfortunately, the price didn't make a lot of sense when a fully assembled Retroid Pocket 2 Plus was only $99.  I'm hoping they do the same thing down the road with the Retroid Pocket 3, but in a way that makes a little more financial sense. This time around,  there will likely be no need to replace the screen which could make it an affordable deal. There has been signs from the company that the Retroid Pocket 3 was designed with a future upgrade in mind,  so I wouldn't be surprised if the RP3+ occurs by mid-2023.  To Upgrade an original Retroid Pocket 2 to a 2+ runs $85 for screen and PCB kit. It made more sense to just spend $14 more and get a fully assembled RP2+ and still have the original handheld as a spare.  There are many

Evercade EXP Pre-Order Starts September 6

  The Evercade EXP which looks to be a big upgrade over the original handheld will be available for pre-order on September 6. I'm not totally sold on this device myself but keeping an eye on developments.  While being a cartridge collection based device,  it will come with 24 built in games including a Capcom collection and IREM Arcade Collection.  $149.99 certainly sounds well worth it for this device.  

GKD Mini Plus Classic [Known Specs]

  The GKD Mini Plus Classic (not to be confused with the GKD Mini Plus) looks to be a powerful option that competes with the Anbernic RG353V running the same SoC (RK3566). Both devices have the same internal specs. The Mini Plus has an optional Dock that adds thumb-sticks.  The demos have been shown to run a version of JELOS but is not supported by JELOS (yet anyway). IF GKD sends units to community developers, there's a possibility this device could get supported.  A convenient tool to compare devices is the retro handhelds spreadsheet from timeisart:  Handhelds Spread Sheet Link Key Known GKD Mini Plus Classic SPECS  OS/Firmware: Linux (JELOS) on Demo. Reportedly will ship with a different OS.  Emulation Power: Should Handle Up to N64/PSP SoC: RK3566  CPU: Cortex-A55 CPU Cores: 4 CPU Threads: 4 CPU Clock: 1.8 GHz Architecture: ARM  GPU: Mali-G52 2EE GPU Clock: 850 MHz RAM: 1GB Screen: 4:3 OCA 3.5" IPS 640x480  Battery: 3000 mAh Storage: Dual External microSD Connectivity: W

GKD Mini Plus Reveal Photos

 The GKD Mini Plus has been revealed and it's certainly interesting. I was expecting a short and tall version not a cool Dock with thumb-sticks. It looks like the device runs on a RK3566 SoC which is a lot of power in a tiny device. No word on when international orders will be available but this is certainly a device to keep an eye on. Photos below are from webandme on Discord: 

Logitech/Tencent Cloud Gaming Handheld Photos

 There's been a lot of talk about the upcoming Logictech/Tencent Android handheld over the past few days. We don't know a ton about it yet other than it's ugly (lol), but reportedly has a decent processor (Snapdragon 720 + 4GB RAM?) and might end up being good for more than just streaming. Personally, I'm skeptical about this device unless it ends up priced really well. We'll have to see what happens with it... What we are looking at in the photos below very likely is the prototype and not the final product... Compared to top phones,  this would be a low-mid tier device... Via:  

More AYANEO Slide Photos Floating Around

 The AYANEO Slide is on pace in development for a possible Q4 pre-order. I have to say I really like the look of the device. It doesn't look like a generic Knockoff device like the GPD Win 4 (that looks like a Sony product).  I'm a big fan of unique looking devices and the prototype we are seeing certainly looks eye catching! Company Website:    Here's an assortment of photos that have been floating around this week (click on them to enlarge):