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Anbernic RG552 Finally Priced (Over-Priced!!!)

***Update 12/4: The "Official" price from Anbernic has come down a bit from this and is $226.99 + Shipping. Still a bit over-priced in my opinion...I'm still taking a pass on this one at least for now.  Price I'd Want To Pay Given All Info & Recent Developments with Competition: $159.99-$179.99.   It will be available for purchase at the end of the day on 12/5. The Anbernic RG552 (RG-552) finally got a price at $246 + $20 Shipping to US and will be released on December 20. It's not as high as some estimates (rumors) were but I think it's still ridiculously overpriced and gets a hard pass from me. Running old Android 7.1 and specs that simply don't warrant this type of price gets a very hard pass from me.  The RG552 is officially off my watch list.   The price from Anbernic site on the 20th could be a little less.  If the price had been under $200, it might worth a thought, but this is just way too high.  In general, I'm a

Upcoming Handheld Reviews: January 2022

*Update 12/3: I went ahead and ordered a Miyoo Mini for $52 on AliExpress so hopefully I'll be reviewing that in January as well.  It looks like I don't really have anything new to review this month as the Retroid Pocket 2 Plus (RP2+) delay will likely push receiving the device to 2022 but I'm looking forward to doing at least two reviews in January.  Retroid Pocket 2 Plus  On paper the RP2.5 aka Retroid Pocket 2 Plus is shaping up to be the best deal in budget handhelds at $99 + Shipping. About 5x more powerful than the original Retroid Pocket 2, it's almost pointless to buy a regular RP2 at this point even at the low price of $65.  PowKiddy A30   I expect to receive the PowKiddy A30 by the end of December so should have up a review in early January 2022 for this one. In essence this is the same handheld as the TrimUI Model S which I wasn't a big fan of but maybe the screen used here will be better. For the most part my expectations with the

Retroid Pocket 2 Plus & PCB Upgrade Delayed

As I was guessing... due to radio silence for so long, the RP2+ and Retroid Pocket 2 Plus PCB Upgrade are now delayed. The fully assembled unit is delayed to December 12 and the PCB Upgrade to December 10. Definitely not the smoothest start for this highly anticipated handheld. Originally most people were under the impression it was being released at the end of October but the release turned out to be a pre-order.  It wouldn't surprise me if we see more delays when December 10 and December 12 come and go. The delay on the PCB Upgrade wasn't announced until after it was already supposed to start shipping.   Communication is definitely an issue this time around. At $99, I'm still looking forward to the RP2 Plus but the launch of this handheld has been a little deceptive and not smooth at all so far.   Likely not all the manufacturer's fault, supply chains have been an absolute mess during the pandemic. People expecting to have this one by Christmas will likely be disappoi

PowKiddy A20: Buy or Pass?

PowKiddy A20 Retro Game Handheld (Android) Based on all known information, I'm still "On The Fence" with this one. It looks like an "OK" buy for anyone interested in a cheap 6 face button handheld with moderate performance. I'll likely not buy one myself, but I'm keeping it on my list of possible future buys.  The PowKiddy A20 is on my list of potential buys but I've grown very cautious when it comes to PowKiddy products over time due to quality issues that plague nearly every handheld they release. An affordable 6 face button handheld is definitely attractive for things like old school SEGA Genesis and Arcade emulation.   Russ at posted a very "deep dive" look at the handheld which is a must watch for anyone interested in this handheld. It sounds like this handheld has some issues but issues are expected with PK devices. All in all, I think the PowKiddy A20 appears to be an "

New Miyoo Mini Photo (Tiny Retro Game Handheld)

The above photo of the upcoming Miyoo Mini appeared on Baidu demonstrating how tiny this upcoming handheld is.  I'm cautiously looking forward to the Miyoo Mini but don't expect a lot considering the Miyoo/BittBoy track record of quality is not stellar. If the price is around $50 or below at launch,  it could be a fun budget option. The expected release was the end of November which is now so we'll see if it actually comes out or is another victim of parts shortages... Related Post:

PiBoy XRS: A Great Handheld Gaming Option Coming In February 2022

I'm interested in the PiBoy CM4x which is expected to release in February but the strange 1:1 screen is a little odd. Experimental Pi also has the PiBoy XRS releasing but with a smaller 3.5" 640x480 screen which is more geared towards most retro gaming platforms. The price on the XRS is $149.95 + the cost of a Pi board which isn't too bad. The XRS is definitely on my radar and high on  the top 10 list upcoming handheld options. Technical specs and images below... Other Upcoming Handhelds: