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Arctis 3 Console Edition Wired Gaming Headset [Review] (steelseries)

Arctis 3 (steelseries) Wired Console Edition Gaming Headset MSRP: $69.99 Price Paid: $39.99* Devices Tested On: Xbox Series S, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, MacBook Pro, PC *Reviewed for value at $39.99 pricepoint! I would not recommend these at anything above $40-$50 range at this point though. I recently reviewed the Arctis 1 headset (5/10 score) which cost $49.99 and was not pleased with the results. This headset is better in most categories.  I like to Score reviews 0-100 or 0-10 with 70/100 and 7/10 being barely average.  I Disagree With Every Statement Here & These Were Made at MSRP Link To Arctis 1 Review Overall Score 7/10 ( Barely Average) The Good 🔥Overall Sound quality is good! 🔥Mid-Range Sounds Are Good  🔥Sound Clarity Is Good The Bad 👎Microphone is Below Average! 👎Uncomfortable while wearing eyeglasses! 👎Overall Design & Comfort Is Not Good! 👎MS

Review: ARCTIS 1 (steelseries) Xbox Wired Gaming Headset

ARCTIS 1 Headset ARCTIS 1 steelseries Wired Xbox Headset   Price Paid: $49.99 @ GameStop Devices Tested On: Xbox Series S , Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PC, MacBook Pro. Overall Score: 5/10 The Good *Sound Clarity is Good  *Noise Separation Is Good The Bad *Cheap & Ugly Build Quality *Uncomfortable/Unstable *Volume Is Too Low *Passive Soundstage depth is nearly disorienting  *Treble range is below average *Priced higher than headsets that are better  -Price Weighted Heavily- According to Wired, the ARCTIS 1 "feels and sounds more expensive than it is..." which just gives me another reason in a long list of reasons to not pay any attention to their reviews. For the price,  these are well below average. They'll get the job done but not well in some areas. I've used $10 and $20 headsets that are better.   The majority of reviews I've seen on this headset grade them at above average