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Another SEGA Nomad Clone

Found another SEGA Nomad clone but this time for only $65 with free shipping from Russia. The quality even for $65 seems a little shady to me so I'll be passing. I do find it interesting that Nomad clones and knockoffs are starting to appear all over. Definitely a sign that the Nomad is increasing in interest after years of somewhat obscurity.  I remember when the Nomad first came out and it often sat on shelves unsold. I bought one in the clearance bin at the Fort Hood, Texas PX back in 1996 myself. I wish I still had it.  Link to the SEGA Nomad Clone on eBay:  (I definitely don't endorse buying this. The face buttons and d-pad look really bad)

Picked up Another Powkiddy V90

For the price its hard to beat the Powkiddy V90 in the $30-$40 range. Figured I'd pick up the red version (looks orange to me but that's fine).  This system does have a little screen tearing here and there and minor issues but for the price its well worth it.  Its pretty easy to upgrade to a different firmware as well.  Due to the price i have this one reviewed as an 8.3/10 at $35.  Real shame they don't make an upgraded premium version of this one though with a better shell. The d-pad, buttons and shoulders are crisp though and worth every penny if you pay under$40. I haven't done a new full review write up on this one considering how old it is but I might at some point. Some people smack talk the quality but I haven't seen anything in the 30-40 range that beat it.   What Others Are Saying: Retro GameCorps on YouTube:

16-Bit Mega Drive Plus (Nomad Clone) From Japan

*UPDATED at End I've noticed a few of these SEGA Nomad clones popping up in the market lately. Generally $100 plus on eBay and around $80 on Play-Asia . Definitely a buy I loosely considered making but they appear to only work with PAL region games which is a bit of a deal breaker for me. The photos I've seen of this particular unit appear to be renders not actual photos so quality is likely a roll of the dice. I do think it would be nice to have a SEGA Nomad clone though.  That was one of my favorite consoles back in the day.  Definitely something to keep an eye on.

Look Back: Sonic the Hedgehog Megamix Homebrew

(This post is for historical information only. Download ROMs etc at your own legal risk as the legality is grey area.) If you are just getting into retro gaming,  an ambitious game that came out long ago was is Sonic the Hedgehog Megamix which looks like it hasn't been updated in 12 years but the Megadrive/Genesis version is stable. I'm assuming the Sega CD version they were working on is unstable and likely an abandoned project. The legalities surrounding this game and the ROM are definitely in the grey area. Original music and 5 playable characters with new layouts make it one of the most ambitious homebrew projects that ever came out for the Genesis platform.  At one point a physical release by game pirates in Russia occurred and was widely distributed mostly on eBay .  *I cannot encourage you to download ROMs as they are grey area legally. This post is for informational and archival pur