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Mini Arcade Machines

Pretty interesting read about mini arcade machines over at Wired UK. I find it pretty awesome that arcade gaming is pretty much mainstream again in ways. We'll never return to the glory days of arcades but at least arcade style gaming is alive and well in homes.  While I stick to mostly handheld arcade gaming these days,  I'd love to start collecting full size and mini machines at some point.

Smashing Drive (Arcade) Turns 20

Who remembers playing Smashing Drive in the arcade?  It came out 20 years ago on December 10, 2000.  Sadly this was past the heyday of arcade but I recall playing the game a couple times at a movie theater.  There at still a few of these machines floating around for sale online but I haven't seen one in person for a few years now.  Namco America made some awesome game back in the day! Doesn't seem like 20 years on this this one but time flies. Too many games ... too little time.