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Aya Neo PS2 Emulation Video (YouTube)

The Phawx posted an interesting video testing out 12 Playstation 2 games on the portable Aya-Neo. Hit the link below for the video: To me it looks pretty smooth for PS2 on the go. Emulation had definitely come a long way in the past few years. The Aya-Neo certainly isn't cheap but good things rarely are. I may eventually get one or one of the future upgrades we know are probably coming but it's currently a bit out of my budget with my hands tied up in so many other things.  Hit the link below for more information on this very powerful handheld.

Official Debut of RG351V

The "official" unveiling on the RG351V was posted by Anbernic earlier. Sales will go live on March 1st.  The return to a proper 4:3 aspect ratio for retro gaming and Dual SD card slots is a big selling point. Not sure what the cost will be yet... RG351V