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Review: Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (Classic Game Review)

Retro Game Review: Oblivion (Xbox 360) on Xbox Series S (2022) Is Oblivion still fun in 2022? There aren't many games that I've put 400+ hours of gameplay into but Oblivion is one of them. I'm happy to say in 2022, Oblivion is very much still worth playing especially for anyone who hasn't experienced it. While it hasn't aged perfectly,  it had aged well enough to still be a great game. The main game not including DLC is currently on the Xbox Game Pass.  Played On: Xbox Series S Gameplay Time (2022): 12.5 Hours Time On Past Platforms: 400+ Hours  Overall Score 9/10 (A-) The Elder Scrolls game franchise is one of my favorites in all of gaming. I originally played through Oblivion in the past originally on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. My first experience with Elder Scrolls was Morrowind on the OG Xbox and I was instantly hooked. When Oblivion first came out. I probably would have given it a 9.5/10.  Today at a 9/10, it has aged well despi