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Elden Ring Does NOT Need An Easy Mode

One thing that we heard a LOT with the Souls games is that there should be an "easy mode", but I think that would completely ruin the souls-like genre. Elden Ring was designed by Hidetaka Miyazaki to specifically require gamers to use trial and error to overcome the difficult enemies. In a lot of ways this is simply a throw back to old school gaming where figuring out patterns was how you beat games.   When it comes to games,  action combat is probably one of my weakest areas,  but I did beat Demon's Souls, Dark Souls and Dark Souls II in the past. I was getting destroyed my first day in Elden Ring, got a little better on the second day,  and even better on the 3rd day of playing. I'm still a long ways off from beating the game (I'm only 8 hours of gameplay in), but I'm happy with the difficulty. Beating this game will certainly be a great feeling.  I'm currently at level 20 and steadily progressing despite not being that great at the game.  The three main

My Favorite February Video Game Releases By Date All-Time [North America]

28 Classic Video Games of February [NA] Link For Classic Game Reviews & Lists Even with a massive assortment of games to choose from going back through the decades, sometimes it's hard to pick games to play. To help inspire retro/classic game selections, here are 28 historical February video game releases worth playing or replaying. With Valentines Day coming up soon, it's a good month to celebrate our love of modern and classic games.  One Classic Game for Every Day of February  I went about making this list by picking my favorite game from the list of historical February video game list for each day of February. These are all games worth checking out if you haven't played them.  The result is a pretty eclectic mix of games from the following consoles: NES (1), SNES (1), PSOne (1), SEGA Genesis (2), Game Boy Advance (3), Nintendo 3DS (2), DS (2), N64 (1), PlayStation 2 (2), PlayStation 3 (6) , PS4 (1), PSP (2), Xbox 360 (3), Nintendo GameCube (1), PC (2), Nintendo Swit

Return to Xbox (Picked Up A Xbox Series S)

Xbox Series S When it comes to console gaming,  I was solidly entrenched on Xbox with the Xbox 360, but moved on to PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 becoming my primary consoles. After dragging my feet with the current generation of consoles, I've finally decided to go with an Xbox Series S. Unfortunately, it had been so long since I played Xbox LIVE games, my old account had been deleted by Microsoft along with all the precious Achievements (I actually don't care about Achievements), so I'm starting over from scratch.  What really sold me on the Xbox Series S was the guide on Retro Game Corps about turning it into a decent console for emulation: For $299 plus $54 for an extra controller,  all of a sudden the Xbox Series S in a pretty affordable emulation machine while also being good for modern gaming.  If you haven't read the RGC guide, it's a pretty simple process that