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Anbernic Win 10 Handheld Being Developed (Windows 10)

According to Jutleys (a very trustworthy source in this realm) from , Anbernic like PowKiddy is working on a Windows 10 handheld.  I certainly wouldn't expect a Steam Deck caliber handheld from Anbernic or anything but we might get something interesting that competes with the GPD devices. At the moment there's very little information to go off other than they are indeed developing something... List of Upcoming Handhelds:

PowKiddy Handheld Running Windows 10?

Looks like PowKiddy might be working on a Windows 10 handheld. There's been a little charter about it on Discord but not much information to go off.... I'll file this one in the very loose rumor category with not much to go off. If true we'll eventually see something on their site. Source:

Aya Neo On Sale In 3 Days

The Aya Neo appears to be a true powerhouse and it will go on sale in 3 days.  It's a bit expensive for my needs but I'm sure some people will find it to be well worth the high cost.  In essence it's a powerful portable PC that runs Windows 10 and could in essence be a laptop replacement for some people. Some people have already had some great success emulating systems as powerful as Gamecube, Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 2 etc... The early suppprter price was $699 but its unlikely you'll be able to get it that low again. Some resellers are already listing it for $1100+... I definitely wouldn't mind having one but simply have no need for one. I tend to stick to portables that under 300 and use my laptop and Surface Pro quite a bit when I need more power.