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AYANEO Flip Photos So Far (Mystery)

 We don't know much about the AYANEO Flip other than it's a clamshell device with recessed thumb-sticks, stacked triggers, should be running an AMD 6800U and it should be out late this year.  They've leaked out or dropped two artsy cropped photos (from a render) so far this week and that's about it... Hopefully we can see some full images soon... AYANEO Flip

We Need More Vertical Retro Game Handhelds

Great vertical handhelds are definitely a rare thing these days but I think the demand certainly exists for more of them especially with the retro game handheld community members that lean more towards classic gaming than modern. A lot of handhelds coming out are starting to be geared more towards current gen gaming. Moontorc recently posted a mockup of a Miyoo "Midi" on Reddit at the halfway size (with a 3.5" screen) between my two favorite vertical handhelds (Miyoo Mini & Anbernic RG-351V).  If Miyoo were to make something like this and keep the price around $100 or so, I'd buy a few of them on the spot! If nothing else, it shows how awesome the Miyoo Mini design is with very little space around the screen!

Games I'm Playing This Week

What I'm Playing This Week  I'm often bouncing around from device to device playing a wide array of games (retro and modern) each week.  It's been a bit of a busy week so far so haven't got a ton of games in.  I had planned on reviewing the RG351V that I ordered on the 7th but here we are 18 days later and I still don't have it.  It's apparently sitting at some distribution center in Kentucky now.  I think I'm done with anything that ends up in DHL's hands that's important.  They are the absolute worst.  For the most part, I'm playing Persona 5 Strikers on the Nintendo Switch each day.  That's a game I bought just because it was Persona but thought I wouldn't like it despite being a big fan of both Persona and Dynasty Warriors.  Surprisingly I actually love the game. I'm only 12 hours of gameplay in so have quite a ways to go.   The retro game I'm playing this week is Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire on the Nintendo 64 (N64).  The

My Current Top Five Gaming Wishlist 2021 $$$

As an avid gamer/collector I will likely never be able to purchase or acquire every game, device or accessory that I really want but I'm certainly always increasing the size of my collection.  This is the Top Five gaming related items on my wishlist:  BoxyPixel Gameboy Color Aluminum Shell .  Surprisingly I still use my GBC handheld console quite a bit but I can't stop thinking about how I'd really like to get one of these aluminum shells for it from Boxy Pixel. It's a little expensive at $69 but from everything I've seen well worth the price. GameForce RK3326  We are within weeks or perhaps even a week of the GameForce coming up for sale. Early rumors indicate it should retail for around $89.99 and possibly be sold through the URL . The unusual look, a proper 4:3 screen for retro gaming and a build that appears to be very ergonomic has me highly interested desp