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End of Month Gaming Pick-Ups: Retro Gaming Is A Seller's Market

 Not a lot going on with my collecting this month.  Vintage prices are high so I'm not collecting much at this time.  Still trying to get my hands on an RG351V to test.  This was definitely not good shipping luck for me this month.   Ordered a couple cheap USB controllers (modernized N64 style and Gamecube style) but that's really about it. For the most part outside generic stuff this has been a real seller's market when it comes to retro gaming during the pandemic.  Prices on old systems and games have gone up considerably making collecting harder but selling a lot easier.  With social distancing safety and things like that going on, I really haven't ventured out to my usual stores or places to look for gaming stuff as well.  In addition to vintage/retro games consoles and games booming, the market for SBC retro handheld consoles mostly out of China have really boomed in the past year as well. It's a pretty exciting time for that although a lot of the systems comin