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We Need More Vertical Retro Game Handhelds

Great vertical handhelds are definitely a rare thing these days but I think the demand certainly exists for more of them especially with the retro game handheld community members that lean more towards classic gaming than modern. A lot of handhelds coming out are starting to be geared more towards current gen gaming. Moontorc recently posted a mockup of a Miyoo "Midi" on Reddit at the halfway size (with a 3.5" screen) between my two favorite vertical handhelds (Miyoo Mini & Anbernic RG-351V).  If Miyoo were to make something like this and keep the price around $100 or so, I'd buy a few of them on the spot! If nothing else, it shows how awesome the Miyoo Mini design is with very little space around the screen!

RG-351V Emulation Performance Notes (Stock Firmware)

*Note: this post is from my initial impressions not definitive analysis* I have put the RG-351V from Anbernic through a gauntlet of emulation testing and can say I'm very pleased with this system even using the stock setup. This will only get better from here as custom firmware options increase... These are my semi-arbitrary 0-10 scale opinions of emulation performance with notes below the lists:  Scores Based on Experience with stock firmware and available settings tweaks with that.   Game Boy 10/10 Game Boy Color 10/10 Game Boy Advance 9/10* Virtual Boy 7/10 Game & Watch 9/10 Nintendo DS - 5/10* NES - 10/10 Famicon Disk System 10/10 SNES - 10/10 N64 - 6/10* (Nintendo DS performance isn't too bad honestly but the ugly slapped togetter version of DraStic ruins the experience. N64 Emulation is very hit or miss. If I was in it just for single screen DS emulation or 64 in this price range the Retroid Pocket 2 is still the budget answer for those)... (Despite not be

Anbernic RG351V Going On Sale Monday

Despite confirmation from multiple sources, the launch of the RG351V on Monday should be filed as a rumor because we've been through this before with the hyped up countdown launch last week that never happened.  I guess we'll see what happens. It's certainly a needed console as an upgrade to the outdated RG300 vertical. The last time the launch was supposed to occur, the price started at $108.99 so I assume the price will still be the same. The specs look good on it too. A return to a proper 4:3 screen and dual micro SD slots with a vertical housing are the highlights. It's another RK3326 chip system which is starting to get a little played out at this point though. Keep an eye on on Monday for the release!  3.5" IPS (640x480) Quad Core 1.3GHZ CPU RK3326  Mali G31 MP2 GPU 1GB RAM 3900MAH Battery