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Updated RG-351V With Dual Thumbsticks? (Rumor)

Anbernic RG-353V ? *update: Anbernic has registered these images as the RG-353 so it's definitely something they are working on.  There have been some rendered photos of an updated RG-351V circulating around over the past few days. This could possibly be the RG-353V. If this becomes a reality it will certainly please the people that complained about the 351V only having one thumb-stick. I'm not sure if I like the rounded corners for a vertical though.  This is just a render of a handheld Anbernic may be plotting for the future. If it is a 353 series, that would likely be some unknown chip beyond the RG-552. I'd be shocked if we hear much about this anytime soon. It would make more sense for them to release a RG-352V.   Photos in this post are from the Retro Handhelds Discord and have been circulating on Facebook groups as well.