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Upcoming Retro/Classic Game Reviews

One of my goals for 2022 on this blog is to start focusing more on reviews including reviewing classic video games from every generation. It should be a lot of fun to take a hard look at some old games and see if they have aged well or not. I plan to review some more modern games and do find it enjoyable to review anything that has been out a while. When there's no rush to get a review or,  you can often take a harder and more critical look at things.  This is what I have planned so far:  Headset Reviews  ARCTIS 3 Wired Gaming Headset (Soon) (Picked up for $39.99 on Amazon) Upcoming Handheld Device Reviews There really aren't that many "must buy" game devices in my mind (at the moment), but I will very likely be reviewing the Steam Deck, Miyoo P60 and Retroid Pocket 3 at some point this year. When it comes to retro handhelds, the market over the past couple of years has become very saturated. At the moment, those are the only 3 handhelds I'm intendin