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OH Wow 1 Retro Handheld SPECS

LAST UPDATED: August 1, 2022  The recently announced development of the OH Wow 1 adds another handheld to the deep list of upcoming handhelds. Specs for the OH Wow may change during the development.  Unlike most retro handhelds, this device is being developed in the US.  Tentative SPECS 3.5" IPS Screen, Pro Model May Have OLED Screen OS: Custom Linux RK3399 SoC (Same as RG552) 4x Cores 4GB RAM (RetroDodo article mentions 8GB max but it has been pointed out that the RK3399 SoC can't run 8GB. ?? Connectivity: WiFi, Bluetooth Price: $149.99 - $199.99 Tentative Pre-Order or Release: By November OH Wow Handheld Links Retro Dodo Article OH Wow Discord Channel OH Wow on Twitter

PowKiddy X28 Specs [Anticipated]

*Updated August 12, 2022*  The PowKiddy X28 is expected to be released Q3 or Q4 of 2022. Specs are mostly Speculative at this point and may change prior to release. Currently only some specs are known... PowKiddy X28 (photo from Sonic Love) Anticipated PowKiddy X28 Specs:  Manufacturer: PowKiddy Release Date: Fall 2022?  OS: Android 11 Emulation Performance: Should Handle Up to PSP/Dreamcast With Few Issues. PS2/GameCube May Be Possible.  SoC: UNISOC Tiger T618 CPU: Cortex-A75 (2x), Cortex-A55 (6x) CPU Cores: 8 CPU Threads: 8 CPU Clock: 1.8-2.0 GHz Architecture: ARM  GPU: Mali-G52 MP2 GPU Clock: 850 MHz RAM: 4GB LPDDR4X Screen: 16:9 Aspect 5.5" IPS Touch-Screen 1280x720 Resolution (267.02 PPI) w/Tempered Glass Lens Battery: 5000 mAh Cooling: Ventilation, Maybe a Fan  Shoulder Buttons: 4 Stacked Shoulders Shell Material: Plastic

Miyoo P60: Potential Good Option? (Retro Handheld)

*Image from Retro Game Handhelds Discord... There's a little buzz around the upcoming Miyoo P60 but I'm remaining cautious about any excitement.  Miyoo is the same company who manufactured the RK2020, BittBoy/PocketGo and PocketGo S30 none of which I was a big fan of. The S30 while not great out of the box became "ok" using the custom "Simple30" workaround from the community.  It appears the P60 is jumping into Android territory and should is considerably more powerful than their previous handhelds. At this point in retro handhelds it looks like a mid-grade tier handheld so should have a competitive price and be a main competitor for the Retroid Pocket 3.  On paper this handheld does look like a good upgrade over RK3326 devices performance wise and should be able to handle N64 and PSP emulation along with pretty good GameCube results. Quality has been an issue with their devices in the past so whether this becomes a good option will come down to

Anbernic RG300X Will Not Be Vertical

*Updated (7/12/21) Anbernic RG300X Debut Video: One would assume the Anbernic RG300X would be an updated version of the RG300 but apparently that's not the case.  It looks like it will be a plastic/metal landscape handheld with a form factor similar to a Game Boy Micro (GBM) with a JZ4770 processor, and a 3 inch 640x480 screen. The processor is the same one used in the RG350 so the 300X will be able to handle most systems up to PS1 excluding N64 etc.  The main benefit of this OpenDingux option is that it will be more pocketable than the 350 line. Price will be everything with this one. It's not introducing anything new and will need to be cheaper than the 350/350P/350M to become an interesting option. There's no estimated release date yet but I expect to see this drop by Fall. I'd have no problem dropping $70 on this but it wouldn't surprise me if Anbernic tries to juice more $ out of it and prices it closer to $80/$90. Much

Retro Handheld Slow Period

It seems we have finally reached a point where there aren't many retro handhelds (SBCs) being released. Not that long ago it seemed like something new was coming out every week. Most of this is due to chip shortages, parts supplies and increased costs (due to the pandemic) but I expect things to really start picking back up this Fall.  If I had to pick a few of upcoming handhelds I'm most looking forward to they would probably be the KT R1, Retroid Pocket 3, Retroid Pocket 2.5, the 199 Handheld now known as "Odin", Anbernic RG552, Anbernic RG300x, and the Z-Pocket Game 2. There are definitely lots of options on the way in the near future.