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Upcoming Budget Retro Handhelds On My Radar

If 2021 is anything like 2020 was,  it will be another great year for retro handheld gaming. I was looking forward to reviewing the Anbernic RG351V soon but 8 days after ordering I don't think it has even shipped out yet... With that said,  there are definitely some other options on my radar. Everything listed below are options I'm considering purchasing at some point.  GameForce RK3326 Yet another RK3326 ... but this one has a proper 4:3 aspect screen joining the 351V as the only RK3326 devices with a good screen ratio for retro gaming. The last I heard, the GameForce was in mass production and would likely sell for $89.99. The console itself looks kind of weird but it also looks likely to be ergonomic and comfortable to use.  The negatives with the GameForce seem to be that the screen is plastic not glass and no clickable sticks neither of which is a total deal breaker in the sub $100 category. Hopefully the release date will happen soon. Functionally the GameForc