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Latest News on the PowKiddy X18S

PowKiddy X18S Sales Starting in Mid-April There hasn't been a lot of buzz concerning the PowKiddy X18S for a while other than the fact that the launch was delayed from March to mid-April.  It looks to be like a pretty formidable competitor for the lower spec GPD systems and definitely going to be more powerful than things like the Retroid Pocket 2 or RG351 series but at a higher cost of course. The 18S is rumored to be powered by the Unisoc T618 chip aka "Spreadtrum" which is an entry level 8 core chip but certainly should blow RK3326 consoles out of the water.  The system will be touch screen running Android 10.   Hopefully PowKiddy has made some big improvements over the X18 which was somewhat of a mess with a sloppy Android build and lots of reported bugs.  The reported entry price for the X18S will be $150 or higher according to some sources and $200-250+ from others.  Anything muc

Anbernic RG351V In Production?

I've only heard rumors that the RG351V (Vertical) was in the works via vague rumors but nothing solid.  Russ from Retro Game Corps  just posted some images on Facebook he discovered. It looks great with the 4:3 aspect ratio. Definitely an improvement on the 351P/M for retro gaming. Hopefully it comes WiFi ready with other improvements.  I assume Anbernic will be making announcements soon.  *Updated Info:  Specs: (From RGC) RK3326CPU 640x480IPS fully fits 3.5-inch 4:3 screen Dual RL12, dual OTG interface Dual TF card (internal card storage system, external card storage game) Built-in WIFI 3900~4000mAh polymer lithium battery