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20 Years of Tropico (PC/Mac Game)

Hard to believe but Tropico just turned 20 years old today.  April 5, 2001 was the day this unique knockoff of Civilization/Sim City hit the PC/Mac gaming world. Its almost unfair to call the game a knockoff as the series is  much better than Sim City ever was.  My exposure to Tropico didn't start until Tropico 3 on Steam and I've purchased each game that has come out in the series up to the latest Tropico 6. Between 3, 4, 5 and 6, 6 is definitely my favorite. One thing the series has done well is incrementally improve with each release.  In essence each game is a construction and management SIM with political and strategy elements where the player manages a fictional Caribbean island named Tropico from the Cold War up to modern times. The game presentation is tongue-in-cheek humor in each game and not to be taken too seriously while at the same time some serious topics are addressed. The primary goal of the game is to stay in power and manage relationships with for