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Top 100 SEGA Genesis Games: #97 Valis

Valis and the entire series is a bit of a strange platformer but this remake of the original PC-88/MSX game is definitely worth a playthrough. The original game was frustrating and near unplayable but the Genesis remake wasn't bad.  What really hurt Valis was how how slow it plays in my opinion. While a lot of people will say Valis is a bad game they are ignoring how unique it really was.  Above average graphics, cinematics between stages was unusual for the time, excellent sound, balanced gameplay and a decent story make it a game you need to play at least once.

Top 100 SEGA Genesis Games: #98 Wardner

1991's Wardner is a somewhat unusual and challenging sidescrolling platformer game that translated well from the arcades to the SEGA Genesis. The game also came out on the Famicom Disk System in Japan.  In the game you play as a kid (who looks kind of like a South Park character in my opinion) who is on a journey to rescue his girlfriend from a warlock. The game received a lot of comparison to Ghosts 'N Goblins due to gameplay elements. While the gameplay elements are very similar, Wardner still stands on its own as a fun and different game. When it comes to challenge, Ghosts 'N Goblins is still a tougher game with more going on but that doesn't make Wardner easy by any stretch. Wardner's biggest challenge is the 1 hit deaths which are hard to avoid at times.  The Genesis version of the game is more difficult than the arcade and Famicom versions with the addition of an extra level.   Over the years, opinions from reviewers on the Genesis port

Top 100 SEGA Genesis Games: #99 Kid Chameleon

Top 100 SEGA Genesis Games #99 Game: Kid Chameleon Platform: SEGA Genesis Developer: STI Publisher: SEGA Genre: Platformer Year: 1992 I liked Kid Chameleon a LOT when it came out back in 1992 but it has dropped way down on my list since that time.  Back in the day beating this game was a rare feat as it had 100+ stages most of which are really challenging and the cartridge had no save or password feature so it had to be beat in one sitting. More modern gamers are probably unfamiliar with the times when you'd have to leave your game and console running when you left the house to avoid losing progress and this was one of those games that required that strategy. Fortunately today there are ways to play it with saves.  The plot is kind of strange replaying it but probably had a little more value back in the day when the idea of VR games seemed very futuristic. In this game the boss of a VR game called 'Wild Side' is abducting players into the game. It

Top 100 SEGA Genesis Games: #100 Frank Thomas Big Hurt Baseball (1995)

Back in the 1980s/1990s I was more of a SEGA kid than a Nintendo person. I've decided to go back through the entire SEGA Genesis library (replaying my favorites) and adjust my picks for the Top 100 SEGA Genesis Games starting with Frank Thomas Big Hurt Baseball (1995) which comes in at #100 on my list. Stay tuned for several games each week as I replay the best SEGA games and decide which ones have aged well... In addition to the Genesis, Big Hurt Baseball also came out on SNES, Game Gear, Game Boy, Saturn, PlayStation and MS-DOS platforms. The game received mostly average and negative reviews other than the PlayStation version which was universally considered the best version of the game. In my opinion, the Genesis version wasn't too bad amd probably a little underappreciated at the time. While this game will not be on many Top 100 lists, it made the cut for mine.  If nothing else this average but still fun game was one of the first Baseball games to use motion cap