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Top 10 Retro Handhelds From 2020

My Definitive Top 10 Retro Handhelds List  Now that the dust has settled from 2020 and I've had time to think,  here are my personal picks for the best handhelds of 2020: #1   Retroid Pocket 2 #2   RG350P #3   RG350M #4   RG351P #5   PiBoy DMG #6   RGB20 #7   RG350 #8   RG280V #9   RK2020 #10 Odroid Go Advance  While the Retroid Pocket 2 turned into my favorite after putting a LOT of work into it, the company of the year was definitely Anbernic who had 5 of my 10 favorite handhelds of the year. If you aren't looking to put a ton of work into things, the RG350P (or M) or 351P (despite the funky screen size) would be better options.  This list is not necessarily the best for everyone. These were my personal favorites in order.  You can order a Retroid Pocket 2 here: *I have no affiliation with this link.