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Upcoming: Upgrade Your Retroid Pocket 2 to A RP2+

[Update 10/30: Pre-Order Available Now at   (Ships by December] Retroid Pocket 2+ PCB Upgrade DIY FTW Rumors about the Retroid Pocket 2 Plus and the Retroid Pocket 3 have been around since last year. The RP2+ was originally believed to be scrapped due to Overheating Issues but that has all been ironed out and we expect a release in the near future.  RP2+ PCB Upgrade - Screen Capture From Taki II on YouTube I was a big fan of the Retroid Pocket 2 due to the price. The downside was optimizing it was no easy task. Instead of releasing a new version of the RP2 what the are doing with the RP2+ is releasing a new PCB that you can install yourself which will drastically improve performance. This kind of upgrade is unheard of in the realm of SBC handhelds. There will also be an option to upgrade to a touch screen as well.

Early Look at the RG351V by Taki Udon on YouTube

The first early look from someone not Anbernic at the Anbernic RG351V comes from Taki Yudon on YouTube.  Pretty interesting in-depth look at the new handheld. I ordered one on Saturday so will just be waiting to get my hands on it. Personally I think this will end up being king of the RK3326 handhelds and at this point there are a lot of them. I love the form factor, the proper 4:3 screen and the dual micro SD slots. In my opinion, dual slots should be standard on these devices at this points. Single slots are harder to develop for and less convenient for loading up ROMs.  The main negative with the 351V is the mono speaker. At the price of $108.99 stereo sound should have been an option.  All in all this will be a nice replacement for the RG300 which now sells for an average price of $49.99.  Video link below: