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Is Nintendo Killing Mario? Even CNN is jumping in on the panicked idea that there is impending death for Mario but I think it's pretty silly.  What Nintendo is doing is a classic marketing gimmick making certain products seem more exclusive and rare.  After March 31, 2021, Super Mario 3D All-Stars and Super Mario Bros. 35 will no longer be available on the shop for the Nintendo Switch as previously stated.   The belief that this could be the end of Mario for Nintendo is borderline ludicrous.  Nintendo doesn't seem to have any plans to kill off Mario.  I could be wrong but as a Marketing guy I'm pretty sure this is just a very old strategy of marketing exclusivity to drive sales.  It worked for Disney back in the day with home movie releases so it will likely work here.   Knowing Nintendo, there's almost certainly some plan for both games already in place for the future.  Nintendo has a reputation of keeping secrets reall