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N64 & Genesis Launch Titles for the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack Plan

Available October 25 2021 If you are underwhelmed by the N64 offerings with the new Expansion Pack Plan which will run you about $30/year extra on top of the regular online plan, I don't blame you at all. There's really no point in discussing the Genesis offerings as  SEGA Genesis Classics has been available since late 2018 on the Switch. I picked up a copy for $14.99 myself.  SEGA Genesis Day 1 Games:  Castlevania: Bloodlines Contra: Hard Corps Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine Ecco the Dolphin Golden Axe Gunstar Heroes Ristar Shining Force Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Streets of Rage 2 MUSHA Phantasy Star 4 Shinobi 3 Strider There are some good N64 offerings at launch (whether it's worth it or not is very debatable) and they include:  Dr. Mario 64 Mario Kart 64 Mario Tennis Sin & Punishment Star Fox 64 Super Mario 64 The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time WinBack: Covert Operations Yoshi’s Story Nintendo does plan to add more and m

Super Mario 64 Stable 60FPS Port to Abernic RG351P

Pretty cool find on YouTube and Facebook I saw earlier from Retro Game Corps on a method to port Super Mario 64 to the RG351P and soon RG351. Pretty exciting tutorial here. Hit the link below.  The 351P wasn't all that great when it first came out but it's getting better and better all the time with the retro community support its getting.