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AYANEO Air Pricing Possibly Revealed Converted into USD, this works out to be around $650 which does put the AYANEO Air in a price range to compete with Valve's Steam Deck if $650 is the final price.  It has not appeared on the English site as of yet so this price is still just a guess...  Hopefully we find out a lot more about the Air later this week... AYANEO promised a friendlier price with the Air and it looks like that's being delivered. Pre-ordering is expected to open up on May 20th.  $650 may also possibly be just the reserve price with  more to pay afterwards. We'll find out in a couple days either way... Via:

The WB Batman Collection (Humble Bundle) Game Bundle: Another Steam Deck Library Building Option

We are still a couple months away from the launch of Valve's Steam Deck , but it's never too late to build up a Steam game library on the cheap. $10 (or more) towards the "WB Batman Collection Game Bundle" nets you 8 games including:  *Batman: Arkham Knight Premium Edition *LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham *Batman: Arkham Origins *Batman: Arkham VR *Batman: Arkham City: GOTY Edition *LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes *Batman: Arkham Asylum GOTY Edition *LEGO Batman: The Video Game  With the exception of Batman: Arkham VR, these are great additions to any Steam library for $10 (or more).  This bundle currently is available for 8 more days. I'm not a huge fan of the LEGO games at this point as the franchise seems "played out" and repetitive, but the Arkham series is a "must play" series for any gamer. Comic based video games are rarely great but this series was amazing.   T

Steam Deck Launch Delayed to February 2022

This Year's "Grinch" Is The Global Supply Chain! I went from the Q1 2022 Club to the Q2 2022 Club with the announced Steam Deck delay by Valve. It looks like the new initial launch will now be at least February 2022. Sadly no one will be getting a Steam Deck for Christmas other than developers... Valve cited material shortages and supply chain issues as the culprit which is not surprising at all. The industry has been dealing with shortages since 2020 and it doesn't look like supply chains are anywhere close to being fixed. Looks like the ultimate handheld is now further away from us... Definitely sad news but it is what it is. 

RetroArch: NeoCD Cores Added on Steam

NeoCD on Steam So much going on lately, this bit of info slipped past me yesterday but it looks like libetro has added NeoCD Cores to RetroArch on Steam. This could be great news for future Steam Deck owners.  NeoCD is a Neo Geo CD emulator originally coded by Fabrice Martinez including full audio playback  and Joystick support.  Hopefully with some controller profiles this will be easy on Steam Deck.  The Neo Geo CD is a console I did play back in the day but sadly didn't own one personally. Games ran $49 to $79 which was drastically cheaper than Neo Geo cartridges. 3 different models came out and SNK sold more than 570,000 units worldwide. Long loading times and failure to jump into 3D gaming somewhat doomed the system. While the console had some limited success,  ultimately it went down as a commercial failure. 

Eneba Is Great For Building Up a Steam Deck Library (Cheap)

I already use places like Humble Bundle and Fanatical but decided to check out Eneba for the first time and was not disappointed. Picked up 8 games and some DLC for a total of $6.35. In essence Eneba is a marketplace where people sell unused Steam keys and other keys for cheap prices. I was a little skeptical but dropping a little over $6 bucks wasn't too big of a risk and every key I bought worked.  Over time I'm trying add extra options to my Steam Deck lineup and with this transaction added Enclave, Two Worlds, Two Worlds II, Atari Vault, Topware RPG Collection, Fallout, Disciples III and X-Blades to the library. Not bad at all!  I'm still stuck in the Q1 2022 Steam Deck club so I still have at least 3 months to wait.  These games were all GLOBAL keys and activated on Steam using a US account. 

SteamOS 3.0 Already Leaked (Rumor)

It didn't take more than 24 hours for developers to supposedly leak the new SteamOS out into the wild. I don't think Valve has much to worry about though. Devices like the Aya Neo, OneXPlayer, GPD Win, etc. are all drastically more expensive than the Steam Deck.  There's not a lot of information on whether or not SteamOS 3.0 works well on other handhelds but we should start seeing a lot of information on this soon...

Reserving a Steam Deck Today! As long as you have a Steam account in good standing with previous game purchase(s) you can reserve a Steam Deck (shipping in December) today for $5 down.  There are 3 models available but only two seem like smart moves to me. The base model is only $399 but only has 64GB eMMC internal memory. That will pretty much lock you out of some fairly large games out of the gate.  I'm likely opting for the $529 model which has 256GB NVMe (much faster than eMMC) internal storage. There's also a $649 model with 512GB storage. If you plan to play big file current generation games, you'll definitely need 256 or 512. The 64GB model would be fine for older games and emulation. Running ROMs off a microSD wouldn't be an issue but you probably wouldn't want to run huge PC games off external storage.  Regardless I'm pretty excited about this recently announced handheld. We've been hearing rumors for months about it but wasn't expec