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Steam Deck Launch Delayed to February 2022

This Year's "Grinch" Is The Global Supply Chain! I went from the Q1 2022 Club to the Q2 2022 Club with the announced Steam Deck delay by Valve. It looks like the new initial launch will now be at least February 2022. Sadly no one will be getting a Steam Deck for Christmas other than developers... Valve cited material shortages and supply chain issues as the culprit which is not surprising at all. The industry has been dealing with shortages since 2020 and it doesn't look like supply chains are anywhere close to being fixed. Looks like the ultimate handheld is now further away from us... Definitely sad news but it is what it is. 

RetroArch: NeoCD Cores Added on Steam

NeoCD on Steam So much going on lately, this bit of info slipped past me yesterday but it looks like libetro has added NeoCD Cores to RetroArch on Steam. This could be great news for future Steam Deck owners.  NeoCD is a Neo Geo CD emulator originally coded by Fabrice Martinez including full audio playback  and Joystick support.  Hopefully with some controller profiles this will be easy on Steam Deck.  The Neo Geo CD is a console I did play back in the day but sadly didn't own one personally. Games ran $49 to $79 which was drastically cheaper than Neo Geo cartridges. 3 different models came out and SNK sold more than 570,000 units worldwide. Long loading times and failure to jump into 3D gaming somewhat doomed the system. While the console had some limited success,  ultimately it went down as a commercial failure.