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Sonic Advance Turns 20 in NA (GBA Game History)

Happy 20th To The NA Sonic Advance release!! February despite being the shortest month of the year is full of historically significant video game releases.  Sonic Advance wasn't my favorite Sonic game and it seems like a slap in the face to the 1990s to have Sonic games on Nintendo devices but it is what it is and it was actually a pretty good game. Over the years,  the GBA library which is excellent has become one of top go to platforms for on the go gaming.  Sonic Advance still felt like it was in the general spirit of the original SEGA Genesis games which is one reason why it's still very playable today.  Check out my list of Historical February Game Releases!  (LINK) Sonic Advance - GBA

Sonic Advance (GBA) Released 19 Years Ago Today in US

2002 doesn't seem like that long ago but it was 19 years ago! I'm still not very comfortable with the idea of Nintendo having their hands on SEGA games but Sonic Advance for the GameBoy Advance was a pretty fun game.  The ability to select from 4 different characters, addition of new mini games and up to 4-player link made this a memorable addition to the Sonic franchise.  Old IGN Review If you are a retro handheld fanatic like me, this is a great game to revisit as it aged well over the years just like a large % of the GBA library which I feel is still underrated.