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[OBSOLETE] Retroid Pocket 2 Review

[Previous Update: December 18, 2020... Due to the low price of the Retroid Pocket 2 Plus (RP2+, the original Retroid Pocket 2 is in effect now obsolete. See RP2+ Review . site has now removed the original RP2 from sales... Following review remains as it was in 2020...] -- JAN 2022 Retroid Pocket 2 Review  - $84.99 Score 💖 8.5/10 The Good 🔥Price 👍Build Quality   👍Handles PS1/PSP/N64 Well 👍Comfortable Form Factor 👍Great Customer Service  The Bad 👎Android 8 Is Buggy 😬Plastic Material Feels Slick  💩Retroid OS is a Mess 👎Takes a Lot of Tweaking  👎Delivery Is Slow  👎Face Buttons Are a Bit Small All in all, for the price there aren't many complaints about this system. While its not my favorite handheld, its very close and I find myself using it more and more the longer I have it. I'd definitely suggest buying one or two at the current price because they will not be in production forever. There are some flaws with the system but it really gives us

RetroN Video Game Consoles List

UPDATED February, 2021 Virtually everyone involved in retro gaming has heard of RetroN consoles manufactured by Hyperkin who is well known for 3rd party gaming accessories as well. I've always had mixed feelings about RetroN consoles as the quality is often a mixed bag. RetroN consoles are not always straight hardware clones as some rely heavily on emulation as well. RetroN is heavily Nintendo-centric.  *Note: No links in this post are affiliate related. I do not benefit in any way from any purchases made through the links here. I also do not endorse the links. They are for reference purposes.  RetroN Jr.  The RetroN Jr started out as an April Fool's joke but then became announced as reality in 2020 by Hyperkin. Haven't heard much about it recently so I'm not sure if this console will become a thing or not. Playing GB and GBC games on the television could be an interesting thing though.  RetroN Ult Rumors constantly circulate about Nintendo relea

Sonic Advance (GBA) Released 19 Years Ago Today in US

2002 doesn't seem like that long ago but it was 19 years ago! I'm still not very comfortable with the idea of Nintendo having their hands on SEGA games but Sonic Advance for the GameBoy Advance was a pretty fun game.  The ability to select from 4 different characters, addition of new mini games and up to 4-player link made this a memorable addition to the Sonic franchise.  Old IGN Review If you are a retro handheld fanatic like me, this is a great game to revisit as it aged well over the years just like a large % of the GBA library which I feel is still underrated.