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RG-351V SNES Screen Options (Stock Firware) Setup

Mostly a settings guide for beginners who have not been a around EmuElec and RetroArch for long.  The bright 4:3 screen on the RG-351V is near perfect for retro gaming on the go. What a lot of people don't realize is that the original Super Nintendo (SNES) had a native 8:7 aspect ratio that some developers accounted for the 4:3 aspect televisions at the time but most didn't. Even Nintendo didn't account for it on some major titles which is why you had "squishy" looking characters and items in some games.  Running SNES games on the 351V with no settings changes honestly looks great on full screen so tweaking the settings is mostly a matter of preference.  Setting the system to run at 8:7 Pixel Perfect really makes the square pixels pop and look better than the original but they might pop a bit too much (contrast) for some people and it gives you a more pronounced black space around games.  The best overall setting that seems to work great for all games I found was