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PocketGo S30 Portable Looks Sharp

The Pocket Go S30 first run is now available at  RetroMimi  for $59.99 and looks like it will go up to $89.99 after the first run. I've seen some reports of loose buttons but can't confirm that.  The game console looks slick and like a Nintendo produced product. While the form looks awesome and it looks like a decent system I'm not sure if I'm going to pull the trigger on it even at $60.  I'm going to think over for a couple days. Already using the RG350, RG350P and Retroid Pocket 2 regularly, I don't see much room in my collection for it other than the nostalgic look.  The specs are nothing revolutionary but here they are.  Obscure Handhelds has a good breakdown on the info.   Check it out: