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Updated RG-351V With Dual Thumbsticks? (Rumor)

Anbernic RG-353V ? *update: Anbernic has registered these images as the RG-353 so it's definitely something they are working on.  There have been some rendered photos of an updated RG-351V circulating around over the past few days. This could possibly be the RG-353V. If this becomes a reality it will certainly please the people that complained about the 351V only having one thumb-stick. I'm not sure if I like the rounded corners for a vertical though.  This is just a render of a handheld Anbernic may be plotting for the future. If it is a 353 series, that would likely be some unknown chip beyond the RG-552. I'd be shocked if we hear much about this anytime soon. It would make more sense for them to release a RG-352V.   Photos in this post are from the Retro Handhelds Discord and have been circulating on Facebook groups as well. 

Rumor: PowKiddy A30 Selling For Roughly $45 In China

PowKiddy A30 I've been keeping an eye out for PowKiddy A30 release info and it looks like it's already being sold in China so I suspect we'll see it soon.  It appears to run MinUI (Same as the TrimUI Model S aka PowKiddy A66) as was rumored before. I was not a big fan of the TrimUI but I did bump it up to the 7/10 score range after community developers drastically improved the experience with custom setups. The big problem with the TrimUI in the beginning if I recall right was mainly issues with the screen driver. If the A30 had a screen that works great, this could be a nice handheld if the price stays low. $45 is pretty low. If they keep it under $60 for the West I'll buy one for sure. Photo Leaks from Facebook: 

What's the Hold-up With the PowKiddy X18S??

The PowKiddy X18S was originally supposed to be released a while back but was delayed and delayed again due to software issues with the Android build. The original X18 had a lot of problems with the Android build so that made some sense although PowKiddy has never been known to care how well the software side of things is working.... It's starting to sound like the actual problem has more to do with chip shortages. If what's being said on Discord channels is true, they switched to the Unisoc Tiger T610 chip instead of using the T618.  This is still rumor territory of course but it sounds probable. There's no official word from PowKiddy about what's going on.  The X18S still looks like it still  has potential to be an interesting option depending on price and when it finally comes out...

Anbernic RG552 May Be Their Next Handheld

Personally I was hoping Anbernic would upgrade what it started with the 351V or 350M with a 3.5" 4:3 console with a better processor but if rumors are correct they might be jumping on the wide screen bandwagon with their next handheld. The lightly rumored 552 which we don't know a lot about yet looks like it will have a 5.5" screen and look a lot like the Odroid Go Super and PowKiddy RGB10 Max but with an upgraded processor possibly capable of really good PSP emulation along with improved N64 and Dreamcast emulation but in a less than desirable aspect for the majority of retro/vintage gaming.  So far there's no solid information to go off other than a very short video clip making everything about the 552 just very loose speculation at this point.  With the wide screen format even a big performance boost to certain systems doesn't make this system too attractive in my opinion. Given the increased cost with each Anbernic upgrade, I'd be shocked if th

Anbernic RG351V in Pre Production?

 Starting to sound like it the rumors of a new RG351 Vertical have started appearing. Sounds like it might be like the RG300 in shape and size with a 3.5 inch 640x480 screen, and dual SD slots. There’s no confirmed information on this so this can be filed as an unconfirmed rumor for the moment.

Upcoming $199 Handheld That Can Emulate PS2? (Rumor)

You never know about rumors but this one is from a good source.  Rumors swirling on #Facebook about a new handheld. If the source (Taki) is correct and he seems to always be from what I've seen. A new $199 #retro #handheld is on the horizon. Can handle #PS2Emulation. #Vita style d-pad, #snapdragon855, #IGG campaign soon. We'll have see..