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Retroid Pocket 3 Hardware Trailer (YouTube)

 Not much to see here (YouTube video above) other than a closer look at the Retroid Pocket 3. Given that the RP3 uses the same SoC as the Retroid Pocket 2 Plus, I'm not expecting improved emulation performance (beyond marginal), but I am still expecting a device that's well worth the money. I opted for the 3GB RAM version. The 2GB option doesn't make much sense to go for...

Retroid Pocket 3: Negative & Positive Chatter

 So far, there has been a lot of mixed opinions on the Retroid Pocket 3 within the community from my observations.  The Positive RP3 Talk The positives seem to be that the price is still good for what you are getting, the option for 3GB RAM instead of opting for 2GB is nice (with the newer Android version, I don't see sense in opting for 2GB), a higher resolution and larger screen should be better for streaming games than the RP2+ and clickable thumbs with L3/R3 are a welcome improvement. No more right slider! The Negative RP3 Talk  The negative Talk surrounding the handheld are that no reviewers other than Taki have had their hands on the device and the device he had may have been better than the final product which lead to speculation that it might have a news SoC.  In reality,  the SoC is the same. They have apparently opted to only sell the dome switch version instead of both dome and conductive rubber which has created some debate. Dome switch will definitely be "clickier

Budget Handhelds I Currently Have Pre-Ordered

 There are lots of game handheld options coming up (almost too many) but I do have two pre-ordered budget realm devices on the way in the near future.  Retroid Pocket 3 [3GB White $129] and the AYN Loki Zero [Black $199] are the two budget realm devices I have pre-ordered at the moment. I'll likely pre-order the KT-R1C as well when that order becomes available. I didn't see any sense in ordering the 2GB RAM version of the RP3, so opted for the 3GB model. I plan to upgrade the RAM and SSD on the Loki Zero myself when it arrives.  Hopefully at some point in September or October, I'll have enough time with both to get up reviews. Both devices,  I'll likely use more for streaming games than anything else. The RP3 should have roughly the same performance as the Retroid Pocket 2 Plus (Same SoC) or slightly better with optimizations and more memory. The Loki Zero will be considerably more powerful and likely become a much better option than the Anbernic Win600... Loki Zero Spe

Retroid Pocket 3 Pre-Order Starts August 4

  The assumed start for the Retroid Pocket 3 pre-order starts on August 4 (today) at 9PM EST.  The site does not list any updated Specs yet, so some details are still a mystery.  Updated Specs: The main upgrades you are reportedly getting over the RP2+ is the higher screen resolution and improved d-pad/face buttons...This one will be better than the RP2+ for game streaming. ?

Upcoming Game Handhelds For August 2022

Game Handheld Releases For August 2022 ***Update August 4: The Retroid Pocket 3 pre-order is now expected to start today: .  [9PM EST] ***Update August 12: It appears the PowKiddy X28 may be close to releasing. No official release date announced but it could be soon... *** August 16: Confirmed the KT-R1C is on sale in China. Should open up for orders in the West before long at (site not live yet)... Game handheld releases are hard to predict due to supply chain problems and parts shortages, so most release dates should be considered tentative not concrete.  August 2022 In Game Handheld Releases KT-R1C KT-R1C (aka KT R1C) is currently on pace for the metal versions to possibly be ready for pre-order by mid-month and ship out in September. There is no firm date set as of now . Update: The KT-R1C as of August 16 is on sale in China (no word on when sales in the West will open up).   This handheld has quickly made it to the top of my most wanted device list recen

Retroid Pocket 3 Specs

Retroid Pocket 3 Updated Specs 8/4 (Price $119+) 1*A75/3*A55 CPU; 2-3x performance gain from RP2 Support Android 11 support 4.7 inch touch screen (16:9) Support 2GB+32GB/ 3GB+32GB storage Built-in 4000mAH battery Built-in official game launcher and emulator frontend Built-in official OTA support for incremental upgrading Only look we've had at the prototype so far (from Taki): Manufacturer: Moorechip Website:   Release Date: 8/4 (Pre-Order) Form Factor: Landscape OS: Android 11 SoC: UNISOC Tiger T310 CPU: Cortex-A75 (1X), Cortex-A55 (3X) CPU Cores: 4 CPU Threads: 4 CPU Clock: 1.8 GHz- 2.0 GHz Architecture: ARM GPU: PowerVR GE8300 GPU Clock: 800 MHz RAM: 2GB or 3GB DDR4  Screen: 16:9  4.7" IPS Touch-Screen (1334x750 Resolution) (325.61 PPI) Cooling: Fan, Ventilation  D-pad: Upper Cross Thumb-Sticks: Dual Lower Thumb-sti

5 Upcoming Retro Game Handhelds: Quick Notes

5 Upcoming Retro Game Handhelds I'm Most Likely To Buy  Things are moving almost too fast to keep up with these days in the game handheld arena. A lot of upcoming options aren't really "retro handhelds" and are more like powerful handheld PCs, but they can be used just like a retro handheld so I'll count it. All in all, I have 5 upcoming handhelds high up on my radar.  Here's some quick notes and links on my choice of upcoming handhelds to keep an eye on in the near future... (Some Specs are Speculative Until Final Product Occurs). Having a Steam Deck also really lowers my need for the real powerful handhelds, so I'm likely to focus a lot on budget stuff over the next year... Game Handhelds I'm 100% Definitely Buying:  #1 Retroid Pocket 3 (RP3) RP3 Same Power as the RP2+ But With Potentially More RAM Android 9 Handles Up To PSP/Dreamcast With No Problem and Can Dabble in PS2/GameCube/Wii Emulation With OK Results With Some Games  4.7" 16:9 IPS Tou

Retroid Pocket 3 Render Video

  The above video is just a render of the Retroid Pocket 3 but gives you a good idea of what it will might look like.  I'm definitely pre- ordering or ordering an RP3 the moment they become available. The big selling point for me is the probability of a much higher quality build and higher resolution screen. Sadly it's not a 4:3 screen but the increased resolution should be great for Android and Streaming games. From a power standpoint it will be equally powerful as the Retroid Pocket 2 Plus although there may be higher RAM options. Hopefully we hear more soon.  There's no official word on when the RP3 will drop but it should be by late Summer.  will be the only place to initially order one. 

Buy The Retroid Pocket 3 or Anbernic RG-552 (Very Early Thoughts)?

Anbernic RG-552 or Retroid Pocket 3?  We have definitely reached the point in retro handhelds where no one has the time and/or money to pick them all up. Between the Retroid Pocket 3 and the Anbernic RG-552, I'm likely picking one of the two up at some point (probably not at launch for either but at some point next year). These two handhelds will likely be strong competitors. I'm leaning RG-552 for the screen but we'll see... I'll already be fairly busy this December/January/February with the Steam Deck, and Retroid Pocket 2 Plus.  Price Final prices are not confirmed yet.  Release Dates Anbernic RG-552 is expected to become available for order/pre-order as soon as November 11, 2021 but that is not confirmed. Retroid Pocket 3 is also expected to become available for order and/or pre-order at some point in November.  Screen (Winner = RG-552)   For the moment I'm leaning towards the Anbernic RG-552 due to the fact that in 4:3, you'll get about 4.7 inch

Retroid Pocket 2.5 PCB Upgrade and RP2 Plus Delayed to October 30

I was set to order the RP2 Plus and/or the RP2.5 PCB Upgrade this morning but it appears to be delayed to October 30 (8PM).  This is fairly common in this realm and shouldn't be a big concern.  The original Retroid Pocket 2 is now only $70 which is still a pretty good deal but it would make more sense to just shell out $99 for the Retroid Pocket 2 Plus (fully assembled) or the DIY PCB Upgrade $65 + $20 for the touch screen if you already have an RP2.  Under the DIY section on, you can also order shells and buttons to customize the look. Guide From Taki (YouTube) on the DIY PCB Upgrade: The higher-end Retroid Pocket 3 is expected to launch in the very near future as well. No word on an exact date... Spotted by Jeltron on Discord:

Retroid Pocket 2.5 Will Be A Different Version of the Retroid Pocket 3

I was assuming the Retroid Pocket 2.5 would just be an upgraded version of the RP2 but it looks like it will actually be an alternate version of the RP3.  Definitely interesting news although we don't know very much about the RP3 yet other than the goal for launch is in October. The Retroid Pocket 2 is one of the best $ for $ values in retro handheld gaming today so hopefully the 2.5 and 3 are priced well. I'm definitely hoping they change their decision to place the Select/Start buttons on the top of the RP3 because that was a bizarre choice.  Retroid Pocket Official Site   Related Post:

Retroid Pocket 3 Design Screenshots

'Timeisart' recently posted the design screenshots for the Retroid Pocket 3 on Discord and they look interesting. The design appears to have a micro-HDMI out so we can probably assume video out will continue with the RP3 and instead of a weird slider as the right thumb stick, they both appear to be proper thumb sticks this time. Start/Select being on top isn't the greatest choice which could make some old school games awkward but all and all the design looks pretty good.  There's not much in the way of information on the system. I had contacted the company a couple months back who verified the RP3 was in the pre-production phase and should be released at some point this year. (Possibly October)... The main two competitors for this will likely be the KTR1 and "199" Handheld although the likelihood of either of those being released soon seems questionable.  There's also talk of a Retroid Pocket 2.5 being released this year as well. While not everyone loves A

Retroid Pocket 3 Wishlist

No one knows when or if the Retroid Pocket 3 will happen but it will be a day 1 pickup from me.  The RP2 is excellent but still flawed.  Here's what I want to see with the Retroid Pocket 3: πŸ”₯ 6 Face Buttons instead of 4 πŸ”₯ L3/R3 added to the sticks  πŸ”₯ Designed for Android 8 or 9 πŸ”₯ Rubber Grips on the Back  πŸ”₯ Metal Housing Variant  πŸ”₯ More than 1GB RAM  πŸ”₯ Overhaul of Retroid OS πŸ”₯ Internal SD Card Accessible   πŸ”₯ Make Parts More Available  πŸ”₯ Touch Screen  If they make all of those additions which I doubt will happen, I'd gladly pay double or more. The RP2 wasn't far from being perfect.