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Retroid Pocket 2.5 PCB Upgrade and RP2 Plus Delayed to October 30

I was set to order the RP2 Plus and/or the RP2.5 PCB Upgrade this morning but it appears to be delayed to October 30 (8PM).  This is fairly common in this realm and shouldn't be a big concern.  The original Retroid Pocket 2 is now only $70 which is still a pretty good deal but it would make more sense to just shell out $99 for the Retroid Pocket 2 Plus (fully assembled) or the DIY PCB Upgrade $65 + $20 for the touch screen if you already have an RP2.  Under the DIY section on, you can also order shells and buttons to customize the look. Guide From Taki (YouTube) on the DIY PCB Upgrade: The higher-end Retroid Pocket 3 is expected to launch in the very near future as well. No word on an exact date... Spotted by Jeltron on Discord: