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Retroid Pocket 2 Plus New OTA Imminent

Retroid Pocket 2 Plus  It looks like a new update for the Retroid Pocket 2 Plus will be happening in the very near future. It's great to see continued support for this device especially during the RP3 launch. There are plans in place to port Android 11 over to the RP2+ as well.   Update Notes From Moorechip: "@everyone Dear all, the OTA for RP2+ is going to drop soon.  Change logs are listed below: 1. Updated to the newest AetherSX2 and Citra(MMJ); 2. Added NTFS format support for TF card; 3. Added 100% transparent support for the hint of Retroid GameAssistant to make it less distracting when playing mobile/retro games; 4. Fixed bugs when interact with external game pads 5. Change logs for Retroid GameLauncher:     - Added support for Favorite/Last played game list     - Added system support for 3DO/Sega_SG1000/M64Plus FZ pro     - Supported renaming roms     - Added 24h time format support     - Added global option to turn off background picture for al