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Retroid Pocket 2 Plus & PCB Upgrade Delayed

As I was guessing... due to radio silence for so long, the RP2+ and Retroid Pocket 2 Plus PCB Upgrade are now delayed. The fully assembled unit is delayed to December 12 and the PCB Upgrade to December 10. Definitely not the smoothest start for this highly anticipated handheld. Originally most people were under the impression it was being released at the end of October but the release turned out to be a pre-order.  It wouldn't surprise me if we see more delays when December 10 and December 12 come and go. The delay on the PCB Upgrade wasn't announced until after it was already supposed to start shipping.   Communication is definitely an issue this time around. At $99, I'm still looking forward to the RP2 Plus but the launch of this handheld has been a little deceptive and not smooth at all so far.   Likely not all the manufacturer's fault, supply chains have been an absolute mess during the pandemic. People expecting to have this one by Christmas will likely be disappoi