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New Front End Option For Retroid Pocket 2 Plus

A new FrontEnd option for the Retroid Pocket 2 Plus called Daijishou Launcher is in Early Access on the Google Play Store and it looks promising.  The highlights are that it's pretty easy to use,  works with Pegasus and has a lot of key features. I haven't used it though to create a definitive analysis, but it's definitely a promising option!  The still in development app can be downloaded here (LINK):

Retroid Pocket 2 Plus Still In Pre-Order Phase

 The RP2+ is definitely the best overall sub $100 retro handheld available right now. Unfortunately, since the end of October it has been a pre-order device and that looks to continue well past February into March. I figured after a few months, production would have caught up but that's not the case. Ordering one today will still result in about a 35 day wait until it ships resulting in a 40-60 day wait between ordering and receiving one.  How much of this is due to parts shortages is somewhat of a mystery since Moorechip seems to keep sales figures private. Based off the chatter on Reddit and Discord, it's safe to say a LOT of people have purchased a Retroid Pocket 2 Plus which is likely why the original RP2 is no longer available for purchase.  While the RP2 Plus certainly isn't an AYN Odin or Steam Deck, its an amazing buy at $99 and even waiting 6-8 weeks from purchase to receiving one isn't too bad. If you are holding out with the hope that the second production ro

My Most Used Consoles/Devices So Far This Year

 Most Used Devices JAN/FEB 2022 My most used platforms this year is definitely a lot different than last year. That's the fun bonus of mixing modern and classic gaming though ... options are near limitless. Over the past 2 months, the Anbernic RG351V and PowKiddy RGB20 have dropped off my 5 most used devices. This will be the first time in a long while that Anbernic hasn't been towards the top of my list.  #1 Xbox Series S   I had completely skipped the Xbox One generation but jumped back into the Xbox realm recently with the Xbox Series S primarily due to how easy it is to use Dev Mode and turn it into a pretty good retro console that can run up to PS2 level games.  I've found myself liking the console as a modern device too, particularly with the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.  #2 Miyoo Mini   The Miyoo Mini was the most surprising great handheld for me in recent months and has become my "take everywhere" handheld. To get the most out of this handheld that can handle

Retroid Pocket 2 Plus: Shipping Time Tracker If you ordered a Retroid Pocket 2 Plus, I'd highly suggest pitching in on this publicly editable document so we can all get a clearer idea of how fast shipping is happening with these. This post by ucarl2187 on Reddit is definitely going to be very helpful if enough people participate! This can also give us an idea of how widespread screen light bleed and sticky buttons was.  Link to document:

M64PlusFZ: Optimal Settings On The Retroid Pocket 2 Plus

So far, everything I've tested on the Retroid Pocket 2 Plus when it comes to N64 emulation,  I'm getting the best results from M64PlusFZ. I use the M64PlusFZ Pro app on my phone and RP2+ but the regular app can be optimized in the same way. On the original RP2, I used mostly RetroArch and N64oid but it looks like M64PlusFZ is the way to go this time. Make sure to delete the stock M64 app that came with the RP2+ and install the app clean from the Play Store which includes updates specifically for the RP2+. Overall,  I was very pleased with my tinkering and could get good results even at 2X with some games but there are still issues in  games with bugs apparently caused by compatibility issues with the GPU, but are improved by getting the latest Play Store M64PlusFZ app. I came across a Reddit thread by FZurita (the developer of the emulator), tried out his suggested settings, and they beat my

Retroid Pocket 2 Plus QC Concerns

Still waiting to receive my Retroid Pocket 2 Plus... this time it seems to be a problem with USPS not the shipper, but I do have to say before I've received the device,  I am a little concerned about the widespread reported quality issues with the handheld so far.  One Of Many QC Complaints Surfacing Online From sticking buttons to light bleed to improperly installed screens, it seems that the first run of the RP2+ has not been smooth across the board.  For the most part, it appears there are DIY fixes for most issues but it's definitely concerning. The RP2+ on paper looks to be the best deal in budget retro handhelds, but I am concerned about the widespread reported issues when most people haven't even received one yet.  Hopefully I'll be able to review it this week... USPS said it was out for delivery yesterday, nothing arrived and now they say it's out for delivery again today. Smh.  To date,  almost all quality issues seem to be with the "16-bit

Dude; Where's My Retroid Pocket 2 Plus?

I was hoping to have the Retroid Pocket 2 Plus (RP2+) in hand by now, but we are now on the 8th day of it just sitting somewhere at JFK Airport in NYC. At this point, I find it unlikely to get an in-depth review out until at least the first week or two of January... You can still pre-order a Retroid Pocket 2 Plus at GoRetroid , but the wait time for one to ship out is likely around 30 days.  They are shipping them out as they are produced. At the moment, supply has not caught up with demand. At $99, The RP2+ on paper looks to be the best deal in retro handhelds.  In thr meantime, there are trustworthy reviews on this highly anticipated handheld already surfacing, and things look very promising. RGC's  in-depth review gives you a very nice look at this budget Android handheld:

RP2+: No Future Plans For Funtastic (N64 Aesthetic) Collection Colors

Some retro enthusiasts out there were hoping that the Retroid Pocket 2 Plus might eventually bring back the highly popular "Funtastic" Nintendo 64 aesthetic colors, but Retroid (Moorechip) representatives have confirmed that they have no plans to do so. 😿 Your only option when it comes to this will be if you have your hands on an original Retroid Pocket 2, you could order the PCB Upgrade and use the existing shell. It has been confirmed that the PCB Upgrade ships with the newly designed buttons.  As it stands, there are 5 options for the RP2+ (fully assembled), and those options are below:  Regardless, the RP2+ as long as the issues with the buttons have been solved well is set to be the best deal in budget retro handhelds at $99.  The Handheld should be able to handle emulation up to "a good number" of GameCube games and possibly even "a few" PS2 titles using AetherSX2 for Android.  As it stands now,  Orange and Indigo

Retroid Pocket 2 Plus & PCB Upgrade Shipping This Week!

Retroid Pocket 2 Plus FTW Retroid Pocket 2 Plus It looks like the Retroid Pocket 2 Plus (RP2+) is ready to start shipping this week. The PCB Upgrade option may start shipping Monday, and the fully assembled RP2+ handhelds may start shipping out on Wednesday.  The nicest bit of information confirmed is that they  are considering releasing the Linux kernel for the device soon! This is great news for the community developers.  Will this be the best deal in budget retro handhelds? My Money says YES.   A few things were officially confirmed by Moorechip ( ) on Discord earlier. The highlights of confirmations at the Q&A include: 

Trending: Retroid Pocket 2 Plus (Google Web Search)

The Retroid Pocket 2 Plus became available for pre-order at the end of October and is expected to start shipping in December. At the moment it appears that Google Search trends for "Retroid Pocket 2 Plus" peaked about 6 days and has slowed down but I expect excitement to build around this $99 deal soon after release.  Google Trends can be a pretty good gage of consumer excitement for a device (particularly when it comes to markets in the West) although it's only a good measure in some regions of the world. Retro handhelds while picking up a lot of steam are still very niche. Actual market information from China and Asia are trickier to track down.  As an old marketing guy, I do like to keep an eye on various statistics surrounding these devices. Unfortunately for the time being its difficult to obtain statistics like sales figures from companies out of China so success or failure is tough to determine... People searching for "Retroid Pocket 2

Retroid Pocket 2 Plus Promo Code Discount (Save $3)

The Retroid Pocket 2 Plus and RP2 Plus DIY PCB Upgrade Pre-Orders Started the other day and should ship out by December. At $99 for the fully assembled RP2 Plus, it certainly does look like the best deal in retro handhelds! Discount Promo From GoRetroid: Use promo code RetroidDoesWhatOthersWont to save $3 off the purchase of a Retroid Pocket 2+ complete unit or PCB upgrade kit. Valid only until November 12th. Order at ** The above code is from GoRetroid marketing materials and not an affiliate code. I do not benefit from any purchased made.  

Retroid Pocket 2 Plus: First In-Depth Look by Taki (YouTube)

Screenshot from Taki's RP2 Plus Video (YouTube) If you have any interest in the Retroid Pocket 2 Plus ($99), you definitely need to check out Taki's latest in-depth YouTube video! The stock Firmware looks like a huge improvement this time around and it should be a lot easier to setup than the original RP2 which was on the difficult side for setup. Add in improved buttons, a drastically more powerful processor, Android 9 optimization, and a touchscreen, I really don't see any reason to not buy this handheld at $99.  For $99 ... at least on paper, this is the best thing that has happened in the budget priced handheld realm in a while...  The RP2 Plus can be pre-ordered now for $99 + Shipping! Units are expected to ship out by December.

Retroid Pocket 2 Plus Available To Order (Pre-Order) Now

The Retroid Pocket 2 Plus (2.5) and PCB Upgrade ordering is now live! **This could end up being the best value buy in handheld gaming at $99. My only disappointment at the moment is that it was not stated that this would be a pre-order. I was under the impression like most people that the orders would be ready to go today. It's still a great deal but there was a lack of communication issue when it came to the release... It looks like orders will physically ship out at the end of November or early December.  To keep things simple, I put in an order for an assembled Retroid Pocket 2 Plus for $99 + $12 Shipping. I'll probably also order a PCB Upgrade at some point too. My initial order is in the books so now it's just a waiting game. Giving the current state of shipping system in the US (which is a disaster), I don't expect to have one in my hands until late December.  To upgrade your existing original RP2, the price would be $65 for t

Retroid Pocket 2.5 PCB Upgrade and RP2 Plus Delayed to October 30

I was set to order the RP2 Plus and/or the RP2.5 PCB Upgrade this morning but it appears to be delayed to October 30 (8PM).  This is fairly common in this realm and shouldn't be a big concern.  The original Retroid Pocket 2 is now only $70 which is still a pretty good deal but it would make more sense to just shell out $99 for the Retroid Pocket 2 Plus (fully assembled) or the DIY PCB Upgrade $65 + $20 for the touch screen if you already have an RP2.  Under the DIY section on, you can also order shells and buttons to customize the look. Guide From Taki (YouTube) on the DIY PCB Upgrade: The higher-end Retroid Pocket 3 is expected to launch in the very near future as well. No word on an exact date... Spotted by Jeltron on Discord: