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RetroN Video Game Consoles List

UPDATED February, 2021 Virtually everyone involved in retro gaming has heard of RetroN consoles manufactured by Hyperkin who is well known for 3rd party gaming accessories as well. I've always had mixed feelings about RetroN consoles as the quality is often a mixed bag. RetroN consoles are not always straight hardware clones as some rely heavily on emulation as well. RetroN is heavily Nintendo-centric.  *Note: No links in this post are affiliate related. I do not benefit in any way from any purchases made through the links here. I also do not endorse the links. They are for reference purposes.  RetroN Jr.  The RetroN Jr started out as an April Fool's joke but then became announced as reality in 2020 by Hyperkin. Haven't heard much about it recently so I'm not sure if this console will become a thing or not. Playing GB and GBC games on the television could be an interesting thing though.  RetroN Ult Rumors constantly circulate about Nintendo relea