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New Anbernic RG353V Image Floating Around

 A new image of the Rumored RG353V is floating around. It closely resembles the original RG353 patent so it could be close to real. I expect to hear something official in the near future. Anbernic has been working on this one since last year.  I'm not a fan of the thumb-stick placement on this but I am a sucker for verticals and this would be a more powerful handheld than the 351V. With the same SoC as the RG503, we'd have a vertical handheld capable of running N64, Vita and Dreamcast With No Problem.  Original Rumor: Image Source:

My Miyoo Mini V2 Arrived (Blue)

Miyoo Mini V2 FTW w/ Photos  Finally got my hands on the 2nd version of the Miyoo Mini today. Arriving in a Miyoo branded case was a nice touch although I do like to have boxes. Can't do unboxing photos so guess this will be uncasing photos.  Included is the case which is a pretty decent and protective one,  the V2 Miyoo Mini, 32GB microSD card (w/Firmware etc on it), small USB-C cable, manual and a USB card reader. I wouldn't suggest using that card reader unless it's your only option. Same goes for the included card.  I plan to install a fresh MinUI custom Firmware (CFW) on my own card and get started on testing this one out so I can post a review by the weekend. I'll be following the guide from Retro Game Corps like I do with most handhelds.  After that,  I'm just waiting on some face buttons from SakuraRetroModding to give it a more custom look. I purchased

My Favorite February Video Game Releases By Date All-Time [North America]

28 Classic Video Games of February [NA] Link For Classic Game Reviews & Lists Even with a massive assortment of games to choose from going back through the decades, sometimes it's hard to pick games to play. To help inspire retro/classic game selections, here are 28 historical February video game releases worth playing or replaying. With Valentines Day coming up soon, it's a good month to celebrate our love of modern and classic games.  One Classic Game for Every Day of February  I went about making this list by picking my favorite game from the list of historical February video game list for each day of February. These are all games worth checking out if you haven't played them.  The result is a pretty eclectic mix of games from the following consoles: NES (1), SNES (1), PSOne (1), SEGA Genesis (2), Game Boy Advance (3), Nintendo 3DS (2), DS (2), N64 (1), PlayStation 2 (2), PlayStation 3 (6) , PS4 (1), PSP (2), Xbox 360 (3), Nintendo GameCube (1), PC (2), Nintendo Swit

Sunday Retro Gaming Reddit Post Finds

I spend a lot of time on Reddit, particularly on Sundays. It's an excellent source for retro gaming information,  but it's a massive sea of posts to sift through.  Be sure to follow me on Reddit: Here are my picks for the 3 most interesting retro gaming related Sunday Reddit posts:  RG552 Android Compatibility List Miyoo Mini Testing Arts/Crafts: The Legend of Zelda

Retro Gaming Purchases I'm Waiting On

I'm always buying and trading gaming accessories, consoles and games. I'm not waiting on many orders at the moment but I do have a couple Etsy purchases on the way.  Probably the purchase I anticipate receiving the most is some PSX (color) style RG351 face buttons from the well known SakuraRetroModding on Etsy. Over the past few years,  Etsy has become a great spot for picking up modding accessories.  I also purchased a set of repositionable back stickers for the RG351V just to give it a little fancier look on the back. A lot of people purchase adhesive stickers to cover up the Anbernic logos on the front of devices top but I happen to like the Anbernic logo. The final thing I'm waiting on is a PowKiddy D19 console (Nintendo Famicom knockoff) from AliExpress.  The one I ordered was only $22.48 and not the HDMI option variety which is fine by me because I planned to test it out on our old CRT T

Paper Mario (Nintendo 64) Turned 20 Today (NA)

Hard to believe 20 years have gone past since Paper Mario (N64) came out in North America but its 100% true. I recently replayed the game and it has mostly held up well over the years despite how easy the game is unlike a lot of 64 gamers which haven't aged very well. I was reminded of the anniversary in my Twitter feed earlier. Paper Mario was an interesting move away from the traditional Mario formula as a single-player RPG. The Nintendo 64 library as everyone knows did not include many RPGs at all. Maybe this was the best Role Playing Game on the system.  The puzzles in the game were probably a little too easy and overall strategy for the game was minimal. Despite being an extremely easy game it was still interesting enough to be really good and also very accessible to gamers who have no experience in RPGs.  Link to old IGN Paper Mario Review (2001)

Anbernic RG351V In Production?

I've only heard rumors that the RG351V (Vertical) was in the works via vague rumors but nothing solid.  Russ from Retro Game Corps  just posted some images on Facebook he discovered. It looks great with the 4:3 aspect ratio. Definitely an improvement on the 351P/M for retro gaming. Hopefully it comes WiFi ready with other improvements.  I assume Anbernic will be making announcements soon.  *Updated Info:  Specs: (From RGC) RK3326CPU 640x480IPS fully fits 3.5-inch 4:3 screen Dual RL12, dual OTG interface Dual TF card (internal card storage system, external card storage game) Built-in WIFI 3900~4000mAh polymer lithium battery