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RG351V: TurboGrafx-16/PC Engine Settings (Stock Firmware)

Other 351V System Settings: SEGA CD This post is intended for newcomers to the world of retro handhelds. While not a very popular system in North America, the TurboGrafx-16 has a really fun library of games worth checking out for anyone who hasn't played on it.  I've experimented with the settings for TG16/PCE games on the 351V and these are the optimal settings. (Stock Firmware) MAIN MENU>GAME SETTINGS>PER SYSTEM ADVANCED CONFIGURATION>NEC PC ENGINE Emulator: Libetro/Mednafen Supergrafx * Game Ratio: 4/3 Bezel: No  Enable Max Performance: Yes Smooth Games: On  Rewind: Off (personal pref) Auto Save/Load: Off (personal p) Shader: RPI/2XScaleHQ.GLSLP* Integer Scale: On  Latency Reduction: Auto  *Note: Mednafen Supergrafx performs noticeably better than Mednafen PCE Fast with most games on this device.  The 2X Scale looks nice and crisp as well but it should be noted that with this sharp screen it looks great without a shader too. 3X and 4X Scale s