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RetroArch: NeoCD Cores Added on Steam

NeoCD on Steam So much going on lately, this bit of info slipped past me yesterday but it looks like libetro has added NeoCD Cores to RetroArch on Steam. This could be great news for future Steam Deck owners.  NeoCD is a Neo Geo CD emulator originally coded by Fabrice Martinez including full audio playback  and Joystick support.  Hopefully with some controller profiles this will be easy on Steam Deck.  The Neo Geo CD is a console I did play back in the day but sadly didn't own one personally. Games ran $49 to $79 which was drastically cheaper than Neo Geo cartridges. 3 different models came out and SNK sold more than 570,000 units worldwide. Long loading times and failure to jump into 3D gaming somewhat doomed the system. While the console had some limited success,  ultimately it went down as a commercial failure. 

Miyoo Mini Upcoming Retro Handheld

*No known release date yet and Specs are assumptive.  We don't know a ton about the upcoming Miyoo Mini other than it will be small and have "estimated specs" of 2.8 inch 4:3  IPS 640x480 LCD screen, 1.2-1.5 GHz Cortex A7 SoC, ARM Quad Core CPU, 500 MHz Mali-400 MP2 GPU, 512MB DDR3 RAM, and Internal/External MicroSD for storage. BittBoy products are often of questionable quality in my experience so I am only mildly curious about this handheld for now. Price will be everything with this one and needs to start out under $50. What it has going for it is that it's highly pocketable, the screen looks nice and the Miyoo Mini is still big enough to actually play unlike some of the even tinier micro handhelds out there.  From videos, the screen actually looks pretty good in my opinion. The colors look rich and vibrant. Smaller than the original BittBoy but the screen gets more space.  Based on the video posted by timeisart on Discord, I'm not reall