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Anbernic RG280M Review (Second Look mid-2021)

***The 280M is back on Sale on Amazon!! Still a great buy in 2022. $55  *** Anbernic RG280M Review (Second Look) Original Release Date: June, 2020 While the Anbernic RG280M (M for Metal) is getting fairly old in the world of retro handheld emulation (a year old is OLD in this realm), it's still a very viable option especially if you find it cheap. I purchased another recently for $55.99 on Amazon myself. The Handheld was $109.99 a year ago and the current MSRP is $81.99 which is a fair price. $100+ was a bit steep even a year ago but it's now a great price. 2020 was an insane year for retro handhelds with one release after another and the 280M got lost in that shuffle especially being released a month apart from the 350P and not long after the 350M. Overall Score: 8.6/10  The Good   🍬Very pocketable  🍬Build Quality is Top Notch  🍬Battery Life Is Good (6.5-8 Hours per C

ArkOS Support For RK3326 Devices Winding Down

  Good Find by RGC on Twitter! It looks like the developer for ArkOS believes he has squeezed all he can out of RK3326 retro handheld devices, so support will start winding down.  There's definitely no shortage of RK3326 devices (Anbernic RG351V being my favorite) and despite a market oversaturated with this SoC, we haven't seen the end of them. PowKiddy is releasing the RGB10S in April and I'm sure we'll see even more after that.  ArkOS and 351ELEC definitely made all the RK3326 devices better and the community developers are responsible for that.  I think RK3326 devices are still a good buy for PS1 and below emulation, but recent handhelds like the RP2+ can handle N64 and beyond emulation much better. For now,  it seems like the best $ for $ emulation options for N64 and up will be Android devices. I'm not the biggest fan of Android but it is what it is....

My Most Used Consoles/Devices So Far This Year

 Most Used Devices JAN/FEB 2022 My most used platforms this year is definitely a lot different than last year. That's the fun bonus of mixing modern and classic gaming though ... options are near limitless. Over the past 2 months, the Anbernic RG351V and PowKiddy RGB20 have dropped off my 5 most used devices. This will be the first time in a long while that Anbernic hasn't been towards the top of my list.  #1 Xbox Series S   I had completely skipped the Xbox One generation but jumped back into the Xbox realm recently with the Xbox Series S primarily due to how easy it is to use Dev Mode and turn it into a pretty good retro console that can run up to PS2 level games.  I've found myself liking the console as a modern device too, particularly with the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.  #2 Miyoo Mini   The Miyoo Mini was the most surprising great handheld for me in recent months and has become my "take everywhere" handheld. To get the most out of this handheld that can handle

My Personal Game Handheld Rotation (Retro Gaming)

Personal Most Used Video Game Handhelds Today While I test out tons of handhelds, only a few make it into my personal regularly used rotation. The rest become shelf candy, or something to give away/trade. By the end of 2022, I'm sure my rotation will change considering a lot of interesting options like the Steam Deck are just around the corner.  These are the 5 handhelds that are in my personal regularly used rotation at the moment:  #1 Nintendo Switch    I'm still rolling with the v2 Switch and don't see myself upgrading to the OLED model or downgrading to the Lite in the future. If Nintendo wants more of cash for hardware, I'm going to need a serious upgrade. I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with the Switch but I still play it consistently for some reason or another. Perhaps it's just the convenience factor.  The Switch library is an excellent mix of modern and retro gaming. I honestly never use it with the Dock too. It's pretty much just

10 Instagram Pages You Should Follow Today! (Gaming & More)

10 Pages To Follow On Instagram (IG) When it comes to social media, Instagram despite being owned by Facebook is still a more enjoyable place than Facebook and there are tons of interesting pages to follow especially in the retro gaming, modding, and cosplay realms. I find that those 3 categories work well together. There are more "not so great pages" than great ones so hopefully this list of suggestions can cut through that a bit.  The Retro Handheld Modders (4 Suggestions) A good place to start is with @boxypixel (Boxy Pixel) who creates some amazing machined handheld shells and parts. I haven't ordered anything yet myself but a Metal Unhinged Game Boy Advance is on my wishlist. The second stop for classic handheld game console modding should be @jellybellycustoms who os into collecting, modding, refurbishing and repairs with a lot of GBA options.  https://instag

KTR-R1 Update (KTR1) (Retro Handheld)

[SEE: . Name and Specs of device have changed. Expected March release] KTR-R1 image posted by Jutleys on Discord ( Rumors still point to "Soon" but it's really hard to know what's going on. Information on this handheld since it was originally runored in 2020 has been sporadic. It's definitely not vaporware but development has been dragging on for quite a while.  Upcoming Handhelds List (+Historical) Updated From A Previous Post: KTR-R1   Estimated Launch: Indiegogo (crowdfunded "Soon" and ships by December 2021??? Price: No word on price yet but it will not be below $200.  What was originally known as the "KTR1" back in 2020 is now known as the KTR-R1 and looks like it is definitely a handheld to keep a close eye on.  The KTR-R1 on paper appears to equally powerful as the Odin and more powerful than the Odin Lite. Interestingly it appears there will be at least 4+ mo

PowKiddy RGB10 Max 2 $124.99

The PowKiddy RGB10 Max 2 aka just "Max 2"  is here with a new and interesting look, 3 shell color options, curved ergonomics,  but with the same old processor and Mono speakers. At this point I'm pretty worn out on RK3326 devices as I'm sure a lot of you are but this is still an option for obsessive collectors or someone new to RK3326.  I do have to admit it looks interesting... Specs (From PowKiddy) Features Screen: 5.0 inch IPS OCA screen, Resolution:854*480 Color: Black/Orange/Panda OS: Open Source Linux CPU: RK3326  quad-core 1.5GHz RAM: DDR3L,1GB Function: Support WIFI/Bluetooth Charging time:2.5H Games: Perfectly support N64/PS/CPS/NEOGEO/GBA/FC/SFC/MD/NDS... Language: English and Chinese Battery: Li-polymer 4200mAh TF card: 64GB,Support TF card max to 256GB Support: OTG/Type-C

More Anbernic RG-552 Images Surfacing

*Update: A Couple More:  Looks like a couple more photos of the Anbernic RG-552 have been circulating on Facebook. I expect we'll hear a release date window from Anbernic in the very near near future. For a retro handheld I'm not super excited about this screen ratio but we'll have to see how things work out....  

KTR-R1 Is A Handheld to Watch (KTR1)

October 30 UPDATE Click HERE KTR-R1   Estimated Launch: Indiegogo (crowdfunded) in late October and ships by December 2021.  Price: No word on price yet but it will not be below $200.  What was originally known as the "KTR1" back in 2020 is now known as the KTR-R1 and looks like it is definitely a handheld to keep a close eye on.  The KTR-R1 on paper appears to equally powerful as the Odin and more powerful than the Odin Lite. Interestingly it appears there will be at least 4+ model options with this handheld (analog stick above the d-pad and analog stick below the d-pad).  Running up to GameCube/Wii level emulation should be no problem with this device.   Source: There was a lot of excitement around this device last year but the excitement somewhat faded with long gaps between information about it trickling out. There's still a bit of a mystery around the device today too but it looks like it will definitely become real very soon

Updated Developments With The KT R1 Handheld.

As promised by the developer of the KT R1 he has posted some notes on where things are headed with the highly anticipated handheld. Sounds like it is a ways off from physical release but progress is occurring. I'm definitely keeping an eye on further developments. I'm not the biggest fan of the 3:2 ratio and the resolution may cause some emulators issues jumping up that high but we'll see what happens. This is still a pretty exciting project to keep an eye on. Posted by timeisart on Discord:  New update from Niluanxy:  Seeing the title, there must be a bunch of people going to spray again. It's been half a year since I drew the pie, and the 199 next door has all prototypes. The result is still a pie. I dare to call it the strongest handheld. Then I will talk about what I have been doing in the next half of the year, why there has been no movement, whether the machine is drawing a pie, and whether it can be released. Let’

Anbernic RG300X Coming Soon

*Update: The original Anbernic RG300 has seen one upgrade (upgrade to an IPS screen) and multiple shells. It looks like Anbernic is working on a new version called the RG300X but no one really knows the specs yet.  My best guess is that the 300X will become a more pocketable and cheaper device for people on the fence with the RG351V. Its pretty unlikely that they'll fit an RK3326 board into the 300 so I'm not sure what processor we will be looking at. It's an unusual move in ways because the 280V is already a decent pocketable vertical option but we'll have to see.  The RG300 (IPS) version sells for around $50 nowadays and is am excellent buy for the price. I imagine an upgraded version will likely start out at $80. Some people are guessing they might be using a JZ4770 processor but there's really no way to know at this point.  In addition to whatever the RG300X is, Anbernic is a

Removing ._ Prefix (Mac) Files From RG351V or Other Devices

One of the most annoying aspects of transferring ROMs from a Mac to SD/Micro SD on a retro handheld device like the RG351V is the ._ prefix files that show up for every game making organizing quite a bit harder. In essence these are blank invisible files used by Macs for QuickLook. Unfortunately on a lot of Linux based SBCs and even on Abdroid devices, they show up as files in your list.  The long way of eliminating these files that dies work is to mount the SD card to your Mac and load up Terminal.  In Terminal, type cd ( space after cd and drag folder with roms into terminal for the path and hit Return ) ls-al (Hit Return )  rm ._* (Hit Return )  exit (Hit Return ) That's all there is to it but you'll have to repeat this process for every folder that has ROMs in it. It's still a lot easier than manually removing each file onboard the 351V which would take forever if you have a lot of files. It can be done on board for low numbers of files simply by highl

RG351V: New SakuraRetroModding Themes

Looks like SakuraRetroModding has added some new options to the RG351V modding face-lifts available.  I have ordered twice from the SRM store on Etsy and have been impressed with the quality, packaging, marketing, etc. You are definitely definitely getting a quality product with a lot of nice touches to the transaction. It looks like I might have to place another order soon. Check out the store at the link below.

RG351V Review (With Stock Firmware)

  (RG351V) $108.99 Released 3/8/2021 The RG351V aka "Wood Boy" is Anbernic's latest SBC handheld offering and it's a good one despite being yet another RK3326 chip device... *This post includes some photos I took of the device mixed with stock images Anbernic used for marketing. There are no referral links here and this post is 100% my own personal non influenced opinions.  My Verdict: Guilty of Being a Must Have Handheld  Overall Score 9/10   Making it the best RK3326 device I own and has replaced the Retroid Pocket 2 (Which I rated as an 8.5/10) as my favorite budget handheld.  As it stands, the RP2 is still a better option for N64, Dreamcast and DS emulation but that could change with CFW options.  The Good  Build Quality Amazing 4:3 Display That Looks Great Great Nearly Flawless Emulation Up to PSX Great Vertical Form Factor Comfortable for Big Hands Drastically Better Battery Performance than the 351P The Bad  Few Minor Design Flaws Only O

GKD Mini Available Next Week

I'd definitely like to get my hands on the GKD Mini at some point to review. is one of my favorite places to get retro handheld consoles from and it's available for pre-order there. The GKD Mini looks tiny in photos but does have a 3.5" 320x240 display which is plenty for a pocket-size device. 1.5 Ghz procrsser with 1GB of RAM with a sub $80 price-tag for the plastic version makes it an interesting option. I'm not sure if I like the rounded corners on a device this small but will have to see.  I'm currently planning on buying an Anbernic RG351V and GameForce RK 3336 next so not sure if it's in my budget to pick up a GKD Mini just yet but I might at some point. 

Another SEGA Nomad Clone

Found another SEGA Nomad clone but this time for only $65 with free shipping from Russia. The quality even for $65 seems a little shady to me so I'll be passing. I do find it interesting that Nomad clones and knockoffs are starting to appear all over. Definitely a sign that the Nomad is increasing in interest after years of somewhat obscurity.  I remember when the Nomad first came out and it often sat on shelves unsold. I bought one in the clearance bin at the Fort Hood, Texas PX back in 1996 myself. I wish I still had it.  Link to the SEGA Nomad Clone on eBay:  (I definitely don't endorse buying this. The face buttons and d-pad look really bad)