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Upcoming Handheld Reviews: January 2022

*Update 12/3: I went ahead and ordered a Miyoo Mini for $52 on AliExpress so hopefully I'll be reviewing that in January as well.  It looks like I don't really have anything new to review this month as the Retroid Pocket 2 Plus (RP2+) delay will likely push receiving the device to 2022 but I'm looking forward to doing at least two reviews in January.  Retroid Pocket 2 Plus  On paper the RP2.5 aka Retroid Pocket 2 Plus is shaping up to be the best deal in budget handhelds at $99 + Shipping. About 5x more powerful than the original Retroid Pocket 2, it's almost pointless to buy a regular RP2 at this point even at the low price of $65.  PowKiddy A30   I expect to receive the PowKiddy A30 by the end of December so should have up a review in early January 2022 for this one. In essence this is the same handheld as the TrimUI Model S which I wasn't a big fan of but maybe the screen used here will be better. For the most part my expectations with the