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PowKiddy: Upcoming Handhelds

My favorite PowKiddy devices are the PowKiddy V90 and RGB20 although both are flawed. The V90 I liked for the design and low price. The RGB20 had a great design and a phenomenal screen but shabby build quality. I have heard a lot of good things about the PowKiddy RGB10 Max 2 although I haven't tried it. For the most part, I never really feel fully satisfied with PowKiddy products, but might get surprised one day if they keep improving... Their most recent device, the PowKiddy X18S, seems to have very mixed reviews from the community so far (mostly negative) with a range of complaints and compliments. The d-pad and face button quality seems to be a deal breaker for some... What's Around The Corner For PowKiddy?  I do know PowKiddy seems to always have something in development and hopefully at some point they get more away from cloning designs to developing more unique things at some point. They currently have three handhelds in the works that I know of... PowKiddy A20 (November?