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ArkOS Support For RK3326 Devices Winding Down

  Good Find by RGC on Twitter! It looks like the developer for ArkOS believes he has squeezed all he can out of RK3326 retro handheld devices, so support will start winding down.  There's definitely no shortage of RK3326 devices (Anbernic RG351V being my favorite) and despite a market oversaturated with this SoC, we haven't seen the end of them. PowKiddy is releasing the RGB10S in April and I'm sure we'll see even more after that.  ArkOS and 351ELEC definitely made all the RK3326 devices better and the community developers are responsible for that.  I think RK3326 devices are still a good buy for PS1 and below emulation, but recent handhelds like the RP2+ can handle N64 and beyond emulation much better. For now,  it seems like the best $ for $ emulation options for N64 and up will be Android devices. I'm not the biggest fan of Android but it is what it is....

Removing ._ Prefix (Mac) Files From RG351V or Other Devices

One of the most annoying aspects of transferring ROMs from a Mac to SD/Micro SD on a retro handheld device like the RG351V is the ._ prefix files that show up for every game making organizing quite a bit harder. In essence these are blank invisible files used by Macs for QuickLook. Unfortunately on a lot of Linux based SBCs and even on Abdroid devices, they show up as files in your list.  The long way of eliminating these files that dies work is to mount the SD card to your Mac and load up Terminal.  In Terminal, type cd ( space after cd and drag folder with roms into terminal for the path and hit Return ) ls-al (Hit Return )  rm ._* (Hit Return )  exit (Hit Return ) That's all there is to it but you'll have to repeat this process for every folder that has ROMs in it. It's still a lot easier than manually removing each file onboard the 351V which would take forever if you have a lot of files. It can be done on board for low numbers of files simply by highl

Super Mario 64 Stable 60FPS Port to Abernic RG351P

Pretty cool find on YouTube and Facebook I saw earlier from Retro Game Corps on a method to port Super Mario 64 to the RG351P and soon RG351. Pretty exciting tutorial here. Hit the link below.  The 351P wasn't all that great when it first came out but it's getting better and better all the time with the retro community support its getting.

Minecraft on the RG351P - YouTube

I'm not particularly interested in playing Minecraft on a tiny screen but if you are,  here's a good guide from Retro Game Corps on how to set it up: While this doesn't really interest me, it's definitely interesting how many things are now possible with the recent boom in decent retro handheld console. If 2021 is anything like 2020 was,  we should have some exciting things coming our way.