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Anbernic RG552 May Be Their Next Handheld

Personally I was hoping Anbernic would upgrade what it started with the 351V or 350M with a 3.5" 4:3 console with a better processor but if rumors are correct they might be jumping on the wide screen bandwagon with their next handheld. The lightly rumored 552 which we don't know a lot about yet looks like it will have a 5.5" screen and look a lot like the Odroid Go Super and PowKiddy RGB10 Max but with an upgraded processor possibly capable of really good PSP emulation along with improved N64 and Dreamcast emulation but in a less than desirable aspect for the majority of retro/vintage gaming.  So far there's no solid information to go off other than a very short video clip making everything about the 552 just very loose speculation at this point.  With the wide screen format even a big performance boost to certain systems doesn't make this system too attractive in my opinion. Given the increased cost with each Anbernic upgrade, I'd be shocked if th

Another Positive RG351V Review Retro Dodo posted their review of the 351V today and it's mostly positive as expected. Click the above link for their review on YouTube.  I disagree with their stance that the console doesn't look that great from the front but do agree that the reset and power buttons look way too small.  My unit is still in shipping limbo and has been for 8 days now so I have no idea when I'll actually get my hands on it... I noticed they've been showing up on places like BangGood the last few days for as low as $97.99. Not sure if those prices can be trusted being that the 351V just came out this week at $108.99. 

Soulja Boy Claims to Have Designed a Video Game Console... again.

It looks like Soulja Boy is back claiming to have designed a video game console (which he didn't design) to sell for a big upmark.   It didn't take internet sleuths long to find the console which is just one of Anbernic's basic boxes. Hopefully not many people fall for this bizarre scheme...  Twitter find by .  This isn't the first time he's claimed to have designed a game console that he really didn't. Very reminiscent of the electric bicycle he had also claimed to have designed but just imported. It's definitely bizarre but I'd assume he keeps doing these schemes because people must be falling for it.