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Retro Wishlist: Masters Of The Universe® Origins Castle Grayskull® Playset

Castle Grayskull I usually post about gaming but my retro interests are also in toys and collectibles especially from the 1980s.  Retail price for the Masters Of The Universe Origins Castle Grayskull Playset is $74.99 but currently appears Sold Out at the Mattel website. I have seen it other places this week for $79.99 and Up. I had the original castle myself back in the 1980s and it was probably one of my most used toy playsets. Finding one in mint condition with all the parts and accessories isn't that easy or cheap today. There are plenty of them in "ok" condition out there though... Supposedly supply chains will be a big issue this holiday season but there are plenty of retro collectible options out there to buy. I doubt this one will be available for long. It has been a while since I saw the original castle