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LG Wing Custom Handheld by Laozhang

 Laozhang who designed the upcoming GKD Mini Plus also designed an amazing custom handheld using an LG Wing phone. I posted about it on Twitter and the post seemed popular enough that I had to make a blog post about it. While you will not be able to get your hands on one,  maybe this modded LG Wing could inspire others to make similar devices!  I recently discovered this incredible handheld on the RGHandhelds Discord, and immediately wanted one. Sadly, only 50 were made and it doesn't sound like more will happen. This device looks perfect for Arcade emulation (SHMUPS especially) and DS.  Video From RGHANDHELDS Discord server:  Photos of the custom LG Wing build by Laozhang: Via 's Discord! 

GKD Mini Available Next Week

I'd definitely like to get my hands on the GKD Mini at some point to review. is one of my favorite places to get retro handheld consoles from and it's available for pre-order there. The GKD Mini looks tiny in photos but does have a 3.5" 320x240 display which is plenty for a pocket-size device. 1.5 Ghz procrsser with 1GB of RAM with a sub $80 price-tag for the plastic version makes it an interesting option. I'm not sure if I like the rounded corners on a device this small but will have to see.  I'm currently planning on buying an Anbernic RG351V and GameForce RK 3336 next so not sure if it's in my budget to pick up a GKD Mini just yet but I might at some point. 

Retroid Pocket 2 Is Still A Steal For $80

Retroid Pocket 2 For $80 you really can't beat what the Retroid Pocket 2 offers especially with Android added into the mix.  I'm really digging the new N64 inspired color schemes. The only thing I don't like about the colors is that they weren't available back when I ordered two of the consoles.  The RP2 is definitely NOT for people who are pure beginners to emulation or people not willing to put in a lot of time tweaking settings.  Can't wait to see how things shake out when the Android 8 update on the system is ironed out. For now its highly suggested to stick with Android 6. 

My Favourite Gaming Purchases of 2020: RG350P

2020 wasn't a bad year in gaming for me. I spent less focus on modern have and have gotten more and more into retro gaming. What really made 2020 special for me was discovering the RG350 line from Abernic.   Favourite Consoles Purchased : RG350P Retroid Pocket 2   Favorite Games Purchased : No More Heroes 1 & 2 (Switch) Okami HD (Switch) Favorite Apps Purchased : Dungeon Maker (Android) Dungeon Warfare 2 (Android) I can't say enough good things about the RG350 line. While the M model is a more solid build with better d-pad action I found myself simply liking the weight and feel of the RG350P. I spent $70 on it when it came out and don't regret the purchase at all. For the most part I use it for 8, 16 and 32 bit era gaming. While it can handle up to PS1, The RP2 handles that a little better.  You can't go wrong with any of the RG350 models. The original 350 has the left thumbstick above the d-pad while the P and M models have both thumbsticks at the botto