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Removing ._ Prefix (Mac) Files From RG351V or Other Devices

One of the most annoying aspects of transferring ROMs from a Mac to SD/Micro SD on a retro handheld device like the RG351V is the ._ prefix files that show up for every game making organizing quite a bit harder. In essence these are blank invisible files used by Macs for QuickLook. Unfortunately on a lot of Linux based SBCs and even on Abdroid devices, they show up as files in your list.  The long way of eliminating these files that dies work is to mount the SD card to your Mac and load up Terminal.  In Terminal, type cd ( space after cd and drag folder with roms into terminal for the path and hit Return ) ls-al (Hit Return )  rm ._* (Hit Return )  exit (Hit Return ) That's all there is to it but you'll have to repeat this process for every folder that has ROMs in it. It's still a lot easier than manually removing each file onboard the 351V which would take forever if you have a lot of files. It can be done on board for low numbers of files simply by highl