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Mistplay App Review: Paid To Play Android Games

For curiosity sake I've been testing out the various pay to game apps recently. Cash Alarm I've figured out I can make around $1.50-$2.50 per hour most of the time and it's quickly deposited to PayPal when you cash out.  Mistplay is drastically different in good and bad ways. After messing around with it for a week I'd estimate you can make between $1-$1.50/hour of gaming. Neither are really a career or job move but it is nice to get a little cash back if you are into mobile gaming. If you'd like to try it out,  hit the above link. If you join up,  I'll receive approximately 12 cents worth of points so the referral value isn't too high here.  The Good   Mistplay for Android has a really sleek and modern UI and also a very wide variety of games to choose from including some that I already play. The payouts take longer to build up than places like Cash Alarm but it at least includes better games. Mistplay also works as a credit