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Ordered A PowKiddy RGB10S...

  Against my better judgement, I went ahead and ordered a PowKiddy RGB10S. The price isn't too bad and despite being yet another RK3326 device,  I haven't reviewed a handheld in a while so figured a sub $100 roll of the dice wouldn't be that bad of an idea.  I don't expect many surprises with this one being another very familiar RK3326 SoC. I guess build quality will be my main mystery. Hopefully I'll have it in hand by April to post my thoughts. 

PowKiddy RGB10S: Just Another RK3326 Retro Handheld...

 I can't speak for everyone,  but I don't see any need for yet another RK3326 device, but we are definitely getting another one in April with the PowKiddy RGB10S.  It's a little more pocket friendly than the other RGB10 variants (having only one thumb-stick) but I don't see much purpose in continuing with RK3326 devices which have already oversaturated the market. The RGB10S could be a good RG351V alternative for people who don't like vertical handhelds or are new to scene.  Regardless, I don't have much personal interest in this handheld, but we'll see how it looks when it comes out... Click Image for Retro Dodo write-Up