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PowKiddy RGB10 Max at $119.99: Buy or Pass?

The RGB10 Max is interesting and from photos the build quality looks OK but I think I'm going to pass on it for now... Too many RK3326 chip devices already in my collection and the screen size here isn't very optimal for most Vintage/Retro systems. It would be one thing if the RK3326 chip ran PSP games really well but they only run some PSP games decently.  Spec-wise and looks-wise the RGB10 Max is mainly an Odroid Go Super Clone. It will be interesting to see how much of a clone it is and if it will run custom OGS firmwares. My guess is that it will. I think if I find one in the future for under $100 I'd probably consider picking one up. Instead of an OGS clone, I wish PowKiddy had upgraded the RGB20 instead. Prices right now start at $119.99 for the RGB20 Max on AliExpress.